Sunday, August 1, 2010

NEWS: Robert Newman, Gale Harold, Jill Biden, Paul Lee, ITVF

VIDEO: Robert Newman shaves head for charity
Former GUIDING LIGHT star Robert Newman recently shaved his head for the role of Daddy Warbucks in "Annie" at The North Carolina Theater.

“Producers and the PR people at the NC Theater came to me and said 'hey we got this organization that actually raises an amount of money for childhood cancer research so we want to tie that in with you shaving your head for Warbucks'--and I was thrilled to pieces about it,” said Newman.

The St. Baldricks Foundation will receive 20-percent of the proceeds of full priced Annie tickets sold through this partnership.

Gale Harold joins CW's HELLCATS
Harold, in his first major role since the motorcycle accident, will play a professor of Marti's. Marti is a law student who, when in desperate need of a scholarship, begrudgingly – and yet most successfully – tries out for her college’s cheer squad.

Jill Biden plays to type in ARMY WIVES episode
The second lady, playing herself, visits the show's Fort Marshall to hear about the challenges facing military families and offer them words of encouragement.

It’s Official: Paul Lee Takes Over at ABC
ABC made it official Friday, naming Paul Lee the new President of the ABC Entertainment Group, replacing Steve McPherson, who abruptly offered his resignation Tuesday, which ABC quickly accepted.

Mr. Lee’s appointment had been widely anticipated. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Lee had been the President of ABC’s Family Channel, a cable network that has experienced rapid growth during his tenure thanks to shows like THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER and GREEK.

VAMPIRE DIARIES Season Two: Elena Will Discover Why She Looks Like Katherine
"We 100 percent go there," exec producer Kevin Williamson said of revealing why Katherine and Elena look so much alike. "It’s not an easy answer, it’s something I think Elena’s going to have to uncover, and I think the answers aren’t exactly what she wants to hear. But 100 percent, she is going to figure out the doppelganger aspect."

Julie Chen: I don't have job security at new gig
At a critics' event in Beverly Hills Chen said, "Leslie said to me, 'Babes, most of these things don't work out' . . . And I am saying, 'Are you telling me I am going to be unemployed after 13 weeks?' "

Stickam is Live Streaming ITV Fest July 29 - August 5
ITV Fest is devoted to making television matter, and making it accessible to independent-minded producers, directors, and writers. ITV Fest Director A.J. Tesler explains, “The festival allows people who have previously had little or no access to television decision-makers the forum for which they have tirelessly strived.”

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