Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NEWS: Broomall, Fake Marriage, Sherry Vine, Bierdz on Return

Ex-boyfriend testifies that Mexican soap actress had fake marriage to stay in US
Markus Klinko, who stars in the Bravo reality television show DOUBLE EXPOSURE, said Fernanda Romero told him in early 2006 that she was married, even though she and Klinko were involved in an intimate relationship. Romero has had roles in several films, but is better-known for appearing in the Mexican TV Azteca soap ETERNAMENTE TUYA.

"Being a soap opera actress it was very easy for her to pretend," Klinko said. "But she had to coach her fake husband."

Thom Bierdz on Phillip's return to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
"We get to see more areas of Phillip that we haven’t seen before. We see more humor in him, more emotion as well and more vulnerability this time. When I went back last year after being away 20 years and I was a gay character and a gay man, I didn’t want to make Phillip vulnerable like he was 20 years ago, because we wanted the audience to realize gay men could be strong. Some of the fans thought I was a bit cold so I added more vulnerability this time. It just totally makes sense. Phillip is still a strong gay man, but he’s wounded and there are times he has to show that. There is some various serious stuff that comes up in the next month."

Richard Thorp criticizes EMMERDALE
In an interview with the Radio Times, Thorp said: "Being part of the old guard, I think they bring in too many new characters too quickly. Within three weeks, they're sleeping with their mother and you're supposed to care. When I joined, I was still the new chap at Home Farm after three years."

Pop parody singer Sherry Vine working on new indie soap
"I am also doing a soap opera webisode that I am producing, writing and putting together called THE FLAMES OF HELL'S KITCHEN. It is very over the top funny."

Colleen Broomall's star is rising
"It was a whirlwind and it became a full-time job for my mom," Broomall said of playing the original Dani on AS THE WORLD TURNS. "But it was so fun for us. It was like an after school activity. It was really an awesome experience for us."

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  1. I love Sherry Vine! I produced a short she stars in, which is forthcoming. This is the trailer: