Friday, August 27, 2010

MISS BEHAVE Triples Cast For Upcoming Season Two

Familiar faces are joining the popular web soap MISS BEHAVE, and the creator couldn't be happier. “Our teen show has become the little engine that could” says creator and executive producer Susan Bernhardt. She continues “I think most people were surprised at the quality of our production and once they saw it they knew we were really on to something and they wanted to be part of it.”

Stars from the soap world, primetime and the silver screen will be guest starring on the second season of MISS BEHAVE, which is currently in production. DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Eric Martsolf will be joining the cast as Marcus Dunne, a famous movie star who is represented by the Queen, the mother of Tori Archer (perfectly portrayed by our lead Jillian Clare). Kyle Kaplan, most recently a series regular on the ABC Family show 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, will be playing a DJ, his other real-life passion. Teen star and executive producer Jillian Clare adds “So many of our new cast members have been my friends for many years – it's so exciting to finally all work together on such an amazing indie project!” New next door neighbor to our lead Dylan (Brett DelBuono) is Sam, played by Madisen Beaty, most recognized as the star of Lifetime's Pregnancy Pact, and the younger version of Daisy in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Sure to bring comedic relief to the heavy drama unfolding in second season is real life publicist Chris Rossi who guest stars in several episodes as Jorge, the over-worked event planner sent by the Queen to oversee Tori's birthday party. Also adding laughs is internet sensation Carol Ann McCracken (MCCRACKEN LIVE) as herself who said "I had an absolute ball working with the amazing cast, crew, and production team of Miss Behave! I wish a show like this existed when I was a teenager...5 years ago. Ms. McCracken loves Miss Behave!"

The show is also adding series regulars to the talented line up including Michael Bolten (currently starring in the coming of age feature film Flipped) as an Aussie hottie also repped by the Queen, plus newcomers James Rustin and Jamison Tate who both worked on the series last season. Of course, the show wouldn't be complete without our resident shrink Dr. Freed, portrayed flawlessly by Patrika Darbo, and her sidekick receptionist Kristina, played by the talented Jacee Jule. Both Patrika and Jacee shined in just one memorable episode of Season One and will definitely show up in multiple episodes of Season Two.

Miss Behave launched on both and on June 24, 2010. Since that time, the show has garnered nearly a quarter of a million views, received numerous accolades and continues to be a fan favorite amongst teen internet shows. Says creator Susan Bernhardt “We are so excited about the story evolving in Season Two; I'd like to think our show has grown since it's inception, and the characters have all developed so much.” She continues “We will have you laughing and crying in the same eight minutes of a Season Two episode.” Second season of Miss Behave will have a total of ten episodes, each of the first nine about eight minutes long, and an extended cliffhanger finale about 14 minutes in length. Look for Season Two of Miss Behave to launch late fall 2010, but first tune in for the Season One finale coming up on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010.

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