Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stacy Haiduk Off DAYS, Replaced by Gina Gallego

Bad news for DAYS and Y&R fans.  Stacy Haiduk has announced on her FaceBook page:

For all you guys out there who were all set to watch me on DAYS I have some bad news. DAYS has dropped me. It all started when I booked a guest spot on a new show for FOX, RIDE-ALONG. The show will shoot in Chicago and I have to leave town for that. There was a conflict in scheduling so FOX pushed me to their second week. But when ONE day was still in conflict, instead of working things out DAYS decided to drop me.

Clearly DAYS was initially wise enough to capitalize from Haiduk's strong acting and intensely loyal following.  Hopefully another show will choose to spotlight the myriad of talents and skills Ms. Haiduk has to offer. Gina Gallego (ex-Gina, B&B; ex-Melina, GENERATIONS) will replace Haiduk on DAYS and first appear in early October.


  1. Didn't GG play Santana on Santa Barbara? Did she play on Generations, also?

  2. Yes! She was also on RITUALS before SB.