Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEWS: SKINS, Tamblyn, Colodny, White, deVry, Hagman

MTV taps three young writers for SKINS
After reading 400 writing samples from young scribes, the network has tapped Mark Hammer, Matt Pelfrey and Monica Padrick to join the show's staff. Part of the "Skins" style is using newbie writers and inexperienced actors to capture a fresh teen sensibility. Other writers for the show are forthcoming.

Larry Hagman stars in ad campaign encouraging solar technology
At the Intersolar trade show in San Francisco, the 78-year-old unveiled a new ad campaign for SolarWorld called "Shine, baby, shine" which not only encourages solar energy but also promotes the value of U.S. production of said energy.

Amber Tamblyn joins HOUSE
Tamblyn has just signed on to appear on the upcoming season of the Fox series. She won’t be a regular but she will join the Princeton Plainsboro team for a multi-episode arc. But who knows, it could turn into something a little more permanent.

William deVry toplines new CBC comedy INSECURITY
The 13-episode CBC comedy stars deVry as a politically savvy spy boss.

Elizabeth Hendrickson's grandfather releasing a collection of his life stories
Lester Colodny, an Emmy Award-winning writer, producer and director is releasing a collection of his life stories on July 24th. The book is titled “A Funny Thing Happened, Life Behind the Scenes: Hollywood Hilarity and Manhattan Mayhem.” This is Colodny’s first book. Producer and director Susan Heller worked with Lester as he combed through his sixty-seven years of stories. Heller once wrote for actress Meryl Streep.

Betty White to guest on COMMUNITY
White will guest star on the sophomore season premiere of the Thursday-night comedy. She'll play June Bauer, an esteemed, albeit slightly unhinged, anthropology professor.

The special agent 'killed' by the Archers
As THE ARCHERS found its feet, the decision was made to finish DICK BARTON. After 711 episodes, on Friday March 30, 1951 the cast bid farewell.

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