Sunday, July 25, 2010

NEWS: Sharon Case, SAG-AFTRA, JR Martinez, Diane Parish

Sharon Case loving Y&R right now and excited to debut new jewelry line on QVC
On Tuesday, August 10, at 2 p.m. ET/PT, Case makes her debut on the QVC Network unveiling her new jewelry line called POMP. Watching QVC is somewhat a family affair for the actress. “My mom is a huge fan of QVC. She has been watching for years, so when this opportunity became available, I was excited to debut my line nationally on QVC.”

Case also has nothing but praise for show runner Maria Bell: "Right now the show is great. I love Maria Bell. She’s such a talented and great writer. One thing you can always count on is exciting storylines from her. I love everything she’s written for my character and all the great storylines going on right now. What she does is amazing, her twists and turns are always shocking and she even adds a comedic beat in many of the dramatic scenes, that delight the viewers and us actors on the show. She’s very supportive of all of our endeavors, both on and off the set."

SAG, AFTRA presidents form merger forum
The much-debated merger of SAG and AFTRA just got another nudge toward the front burner. SAG said Saturday it has agreed to an AFTRA proposal to form a small working group headed by their respective presidents to discuss the possibility of a merger of the actors unions. A larger joint committee already has been batting around a possible SAG-AFTRA combo.

ALL MY CHILDREN's JR Martinez plans no more operations on his face
"Growing up as a young man, I was always given the praise of being handsome. Every place I lived, I had girls all around. I really did become accustomed to believing that a lot of these people liked me because I was the attractive kid; I really hung my hat on that. When I got hurt and I saw my face for the first time, that's when the real war began, because I had to start battling with this new image I had been given."

While he recently had scar relief surgery, he has no plans for more operations and has learned to embrace his new face.

"As you begin to own your scars, people will start to slowly not see your scars and start to see you as an individual."

Son of original GENERAL HOSPITAL exec producer Selig Seligman now University of Rochester President
The sudden death of his father from a heart attack at the age of 51 in 1969 shook Seligman, who considered dropping out of college. In recent comments to high school students about the importance of college, Seligman told how he came to grips with his crisis — and stayed in school. "No matter how challenged you felt, the college degree would give you opportunities that nothing else could," he said.

INTERVIEW: EASTENDERS' Diane Parish (Denise)
"Well this is the thing - with my big head walking down the street, people have come up to me every five minutes. Just now I went into the pound shop and this fella was going, 'Are you dead? Is it really true, are you dead?' It's been weird because it's been like telling a lie for four weeks."

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