Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Michael Park Before & After

We Love Soaps had the distinct honor of interviewing Michael Park of AS THE WORLD TURNS both before and after his win for Best Lead Actor at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys.  Please enjoy our series of questions both before and after the ceremony.  

Michael Park: You guys haven’t had me on for awhile.  Did I do something wrong?

We Love Soaps: We’ve been calling for you!  But you have been a busy boy.  You’re on AS THE WORLD TURNS, two websoaps [GOTHAM and STEAMBOAT], and a play.
Michael Park: I did a musical.  Playwright’s Horizon is doing Williamstown this summer.  It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. 

We Love Soaps: This has been a phenomenal year for you.  I have been watching you since 1997 and have never seen you go to such emotional depths before.  I’m so glad you’re nominated.  Are you feeling nervous right now?
Michael Park: You always hear rumblings of what is going to happen.  You can only prepare yourself so much.  I’m nervous, but I’m confident, I’m calm, but terrified on the inside.  I’m trying to keep a calm exterior while jumping on the inside. 

We Love Soaps: As long as you remember We Love Soaps in your acceptance speech everything will be fine.
Michael Park: Do I get paid?

We Love Soaps: Sure, you'll get paid as much as we do.  But truly, I admire your work on all the shows this year. 
Michael Park: STEAMBOAT was a lot of fun.  Keep your eye out for GOTHAM, I don’t think we’re done there. 


We Love Soaps: Congratulations on your win. Your material this year took you to new depths as an actor that we had not seen before.  What did you draw upon, how did you get there?
Michael Park: It was a culmination.  Terri Colombino brought a lot to the table where that was concerned because this was about [Brad] dying.  My sister passed away from leukemia when she was fourteen.  If I had to go some place, that was the place I was going to go. [Tearful] And then to think of my big brother passing away, that would have tripled it...I’m doing it now.  So you go there.  I wouldn’t call it method, I wouldn’t put a label on it.  It just so happened that it was there.  It was available. 

To watch the video of the above interviews, including more questions in the Press Room for both Emmy winners Michael Park and Maura West, go to WE LOVE SOAPS TV #34

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