Friday, July 16, 2010

IN BETWEEN MEN: Coming To The Web This Fall!

The world of web series and indie soaps continues to heat up and there's another interesting new show on the horizon, IN BETWEEN MEN, from creator Quincy Morris. The show stars Nick Mathews, who years ago played troubled teen Clint Richards on my radio soap, SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES. This guy is beautiful and can act. He's joined in the talented and sexy IBM cast by Ben Pamies, Max Rhyser, Chase Coleman (ex-Garrett, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Michael Sharon, Sidney Erik Wright and Dewanda Wise.

IN BETWEEN MEN is a sexy, new, original dramedy about All- American guys who feel caught between two worlds, not truly knowing where they fit in. This groundbreaking web series draws attention to masculine, straight appearing gay men who find it difficult to relate to many aspects of the gay community and feel they have more in common with their straight peers. IN BETWEEN MEN centers around four "out" friends living in NYC, who are not defined by their sexuality and who believe that being gay means nothing more than simply being attracted to other men. Through wild adventures, racy storylines, joys and pains, underscored by the pulse of New York City, IN BETWEEN MEN examines the relationships the men have between each other, their lovers and the greater community.

Check out a preview below.


  1. I'll be watching this one closely. There's something... troubling about the concept. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels almost slightly homophobic, if that makes sense. A contempt for the concept of the "gay community" is disturbing. The "gay community" is what you make of it. If you are gay, you are a PART of that community. There's no one kind of gay person. So I'll be interested to see if this story embraces the community that these characters build instead of endless pontificating about how they don't relate to "those other gays."

  2. My curiosity is piqued. The cast looks good.

  3. I have to say, I also have issues with the way that statement is worded. I loathe the term "straight acting." It's both an insult to gay people (deeming straight as a more valuable commodity than gay) and also reeks of self-loathing.

    I get wanting to show that there's as many different kinds of LGBT people as their are straight people - a message that doesn't always come across in media. But I think there's words to express that idea that aren't pejorative to other gay men.

    I actually know a guy very much like the characters being described. He started a gay hockey league, then a magazine that talks about LGBT life without labels, trends, or a lot of external BS. (Also without ads bombarding you with booze, naked figures, etc.)

    But I love how he does stuff, because *everyone* is always welcome at the table. Even straight people.

  4. I understand the concerns. I thought the same things when reading the description. Hopefully we can have the creator on WE LOVE SOAPS TV and discuss. From what I know the intent is to put out and entertaining show AND one that is positive. I think it's great that just posting this brought up the topic because I definitely encounter this on a regular basis.

  5. I will go on the record as perceiving the term "straight appearing gay men" as absurd and inane, given it is culturally ubiquitous, and standards of traditional masculine behaviors vary greatly within different communities, families, and geographies.

    With the rise of "metrosexuals" and the androgynous nature of many younger stars, the term "straight appearing" seems like a 1950s anachronism instead of the premise of a cutting edge 21st century web series.

    The term "gay community" also has no objective meaning because, as Aaron pointed out above, your community is what you make it. If you are gay and have friends who respect each other, that is a gay community. If you are gay and fill your life with other gay people who loathe themselves and treat each other poorly, then that too is a gay community. It's always a choice.

    It will be interesting to see how this unfolds, and if the series decides to portray individuals with self-efficacy and integrity, or as whiny victims who perceive "community" as something outside themselves. I know I'll be watching!

  6. They all seem pretty gay to me. Especially with Christina Aguilera thumping in the background of the promo. lol. I find that most of the guys who will not shut up about how "straight acting" they are, actually flame like crazy. They really just lack self awareness.Anyway, I hope the show is good.