Sunday, July 25, 2010

HOT STORIES: Franco, Cricket, Angie, Steffy, GTST, FNL

From Angie to Cricket, from Steffy to Francophrenia, there are a number of hot stories on the soaps right now. Here's a sample of some of the hottest below.

MAD WORLD: Jason, Dante and Lulu were all in Los Angeles this week chasing Franco on GENERAL HOSPITAL. The first clip features the dramatic climax of their story at the MoCA. But there was plenty of drama back in Port Charles as well, and a brilliantly sad moment as Shirley (Michael Learned) passed away in the middle of multiple hospital dramas.

CRICKET AND THE LONG LOST SON: Cricket is back in Genoa City and seems to know an awful lot about Ronan. Is he Nina's son kidnapped by Rose DeVille in the 1980s? Meanwhile, Chance fessed up to Chloe about sleeping with Heather.

ANGIE'S GOING BLIND, DEBBI'S BUIDLING HER EMMY REEL: Debbi Morgan continued to wow on ALL MY CHILDREN this week as Angie broke down in Jake's arms. Elsewhere, Bianca moved in with Caleb and Ryan battled for his life.

A NEW TWIST FOR RIDGE: When the truth about Brooke sleeping with Oliver was revealed to Ridge, he actually had an amazingly refreshing reaction. Ridge stood by Brooke and forced Steffy to apologize and create a tribute to her stepmother. But things didn't go as planned when the truth shockingly came out at a public event on Friday's BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

In case you missed the recent season finale of Dutch soap Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, catch up on the drama involving Sjors, Lorena, Jack, Bing and Danny below.

NBC aired another brilliant episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS this week. Matt finally called Julie, Vince got in way over his head and Tami was accused of encouraging a student to have an abortion. Watch it below.


  1. Ah, GTST... Summer breaks suck. LOL. Three weeks down, six to go.

    Love the writing. They are even able to make a who's the daddy plot interesting.

    The scenes here are from the last episode of the season, but the scenes that aired the day before are actually also seen as part of the 'finale'. In those scenes the popular character Isabella died:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    I'm excited about next season. The show will be celebrating the 20th anniversary. I think a lot of good things are coming. I would love a similar event as the one they did last season for the 4000th episode. They played that 4000th (double) episode in a movie theater for fans, cast and crew. It was great to see a soap on the big screen and to meet the complete cast. I even talked to one of the headwriters (Jantien van der Meer). It's an evening I will never forget. :-)

    And with my other show ATWT going off the air soon, it's nice to know that this show is not in danger of cancelation (ratings are good).

  2. Mark, thanks for always keeping us updated on GTST. Glad it's doing well in the ratings. I just wish it were possible for Liz Hubbard to return.

  3. You and me both. It was one of the first things I thought about when I heard those four actors were being let go. :-(

    I loved all of Liz' scenes but especially the scenes with Anita Donk (daughter Irene) and Marjolein Keuning (Maxime) were great.

    The amazing thing about Liz is that while Lucinda and Sair are similar characters, I never once thought I was watching 'Lucinda on GTST'.

    Maybe in the future they can bring some of these characters back. If that happens Sair can come back as well.

    I'm going to miss the Huygens family but at the same time I'm also looking forward to the new family. I believe these actors have already taped scenes, but nobody knows who they are. I love that they still keep things secret on this show.

  4. You mean you don't know every detail in advance? Are things actually NOT spoiled most of the time?

  5. That's exactly what I mean, lol.

    We have some spoilers but they're often so vague that there are a lot of interpretations. It's so nice that a show is able to surprise you.

    A good example of this from last season was the reveal of Dex being molested by his soccer coach when he was 14. A lot of people thought his homophobia had something to do with his own sexuality. It was nice that the show did something different. I think not knowing it in advance made those scenes more powerful.

    I think I'll never understand why there are so many detailed spoilers for the US shows. You'd think ratings would go up if people really had to watch the show to find out what will happen.