Monday, July 5, 2010

Dominic Zamprogna: Setting Goals, Following Dreams

Dominic Zamprogna
Setting Goals, Following Dreams

By Damon L. Jacobs

Try calling Dominic Zamprogna many things, but don’t call him a "newcomer."  Although fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL may have only learned of his name in the past twelve months, the 31-year-old actor made his debut at age 12 in the film F/X2, and worked consistently on television ever since.  His resume has included featured roles on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE “L” WORD, and even SMALLVILLE.  But how did this young man choose acting as his career?  “I grew up in an artistic family,” he says.  “My parents were both international professional dancers, and settled down to raise a family in Canada. I had a passion for sports, but realized early on I wasn’t going to be a professional athlete.  So I went with acting instead. You have to follow that thing that gives you that feeling inside that you can’t really describe.” 

Despite such a whirlwind experience, one would think he may reservations about settling down into a contracted role on a daytime soap.  “Not really, my wife and I set specific goals about where we both wanted to be in a year.  We wanted a  house, we wanted to be secure.  It may sound cheesy, but we set clear intentions and followed them up."

And follow up he did!  In the course of a year Zamprogna took on the role of Dante Falconeri and made him a passionate fan favorite.  His complex and layered portrayal of an emotionally torn police officer, who learns he is also the firstborn of Port Charles’s number one mob boss, has had viewers riveted. How has he coped with the subsequent fame? “You just can’t get wrapped up in the fans' attention,” he responds.  “You want to stay true to your work.

Many naturally believed that his fascinating performances would automatically lead to an Emmy Nomination this year, but unfortunately it was not to be.  “I’m just glad to have the job. But do I want to get one someday!  I think I will have a lot more work to submit in 2010.” 

So where is this career heading? “I admire what Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) did. She worked hard, and then left when she was ready to go.  Now she is coming back to the show and bringing back her experience and expertise.  Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) did the same thing.  GENERAL HOSPITAL welcomes actors doing other projects, and then bringing them back.”  And of course, Dante’s enemy Franco, played by Golden Globe winner James Franco, did just the opposite.  “I have a lot of respect for James Franco.  He’s been around, and he genuinely likes soaps.  He is very respectful and generous with the cast.”

Zamprogna’s Dante has also had great success in the romance department, possessing electric chemistry with Julie Marie Berman, who plays Lulu Spencer (daughter of Luke & Laura).  Why have fans become so enamored of this couple? “I think it has something to do with who their parents are.  But Julie and I also have great chemistry,  we have real fun together.” 

So try calling Dominc Zamprogna any number of things.  Talented, ambitious. handsome, humble, or a realist.  But one thing I guarantee you will not be calling him anytime soon is “unemployed.”

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  1. from an old lady and watcher of GH for the past 33 years - "Dante" is a new reason to watch - so handsome - God Bless