Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DAYS Casting News: Lindsay Hartley Out, Ty Treadway In

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Lindsay Hartley has been let go as DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Arianna Hernandez. The actress, who took over the role in August 2009, will continue to air for several months since the show is so far ahead in taping.

Meanwhile, former SOAP TALK co-host and ONE LIFE TO LIVE star (ex-Colin/Troy) Ty Treadway has been cast in the role of Dr. Jason Walters. He will begin taping in August and will appear for several episodes in the fall.

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    Oy vey Days!

  2. I honestly am scratching my head on this one. Creativity and story aside (and I do love Lindsay on this show), I don't understand this decision financially.

    DAYS is trying to cater to women 18-34. Lindsay Hartley not only caters to this demo, but she carried PASSIONS all nine years. The only demo that PASSIONS did reasonably well in consistently was the 12-18 female demo, who are now around 22-28 years old. Hiring Lindsay seemed like a wonderful fusion of art and business. So why drop her now?

  3. I agree, not sure why they let Lindsay go. I do wish they had incorporated her a bit more in the story line and gave her storylines that would have allowed the audience to get to know her more personally, as Arianna. I suppose I'm saying they should have developed the Arianna character more deeply and then also develop more connections between her and the other players. I always felt we needed to know more about her as Arianna and she was sort of left on the shelf, overall. If they had done this I think she would have been a favorite character on the show