Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WE LOVE SOAPS TV 1.33 Daytime Emmys GL Nominees

On Episode 1.33 of WE LOVE SOAPS TV, Roger Newcomb and Damon L. Jacobs went on location to the 37th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards in Las Vegas and spoke with the final three nominees in GUIDING LIGHT history - Crystal Chappell, Beth Chamberlin and Zack Conroy. Find out their thoughts on the red carpet about their nominations and more.

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  1. Can't view the clip Roger/ says something about having to be a friend!

  2. Your Venice link goes to an ATWT site, just FYI too.

  3. Thanks. Loved the interviews.

  4. Great interviews guys! Love that you got a couple of scoops about Days and Venice from CC.

  5. It's working now. Great job guys. Considering we got to see no red carpet of any of the actors/actresses, I'm so happy that you got to speak to the GL nominees. Still disappointed and angry that neither Crystal or Beth didn't win (I was hoping Zach might, but guessed he wouldn't have had a lot of material to choose from).

  6. Now that I've watched it, it just makes me sad that GL isn't on air anymore. Loved CC! She was robbed! But, as funny and sweet as ever. Beth is such a classy lady. And, Zach is great, too. Thanks WLS! :)

  7. WLS, let me first say that I love your interviews. You always know your stuff and treat the stars with respect as well as the fans.

    Was sad that Crystal's marvelous performance was not recognized by the Emmy's but it surely was by the fans and the critics. Olivia and Crystal performing her will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thought Beth not winning was no right too. She's a class act all around.

  8. Thanks, everyone. We really do love soaps and hope our love for these actors and the genre comes through.

    Alicatcuz, I was sad too. Some of these folks we've gotten to know and realize what classy people they are. Beth and Crystal especially have always been extra kind.

    The good news is that Crystal fans can catch her on DAYS and VENICE and Beth fans can watch her on CELL: The Web Series. So we'll at least be able to continue watching them. :)

  9. Thanks for doing these on-camera interviews! Let me just echo what everyone else has said...these interviews help a lot since there was no two do great interviews that are never insulting to the fans watching or the talent being interviewed, in fact they are always just the opposite...AND having Guiding Light shut out of the awards has brought about the sad realization that this is it as far as the show goes. BOOH. Bless the cast that so many of them have such great hearts...just like the show itself had great heart to it...and that they have taken to twitter and to facebook giving such access to the fans who still hold them dear. Thanks to the internet, I don't think Guiding Light will ever completely fade to black.

    PS...Crystal, Beth and Zack all looked smoking on Sunday...I hope they enjoyed themselves.

  10. Thank you so much for posting these wonderful interviews with Crystal, Beth, and Zack. Watching them in other daytime dramas makes me realize just how special GL was..the writing, the heart, the acting..class act all the way. The other shows just don't measure up.