Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NEWS: Zucker, Twitter, BBC Worldwide, Gilsig, Reality TV

Jeff Zucker eyes $30M+ exit deal from Comcast
Zucker will leave "a couple of months" after Comcast Corp. closes its agreement to acquire a 51 percent stake in the media giant from its current owners General Electric and Vivendi -- with an exit package of roughly $30 million to $40 million, under the proposed exit deal, those sources said.

Is reality TV killing off the daytime talk show?
Is it a coincidence that reality, with its televised confessional, became popular as daytime viewership plummeted over the past decade? As Jessica Grose notes, "These new shows offered revelations, drama, and an opportunity for the viewing audience to judge without a host shaping the proceedings. Plus, with reality shows you get to watch these individuals for several episodes."

Jessalyn Gilsig doesn't know if she'll return: GLEE oughta keep me
"If you don't have Sue and me, the show may as well be on the Disney Channel!" the former Mrs. Terri Schuester says of her uncertain future. "I still haven't gotten my letter," she adds, joking: Enough! Where's my letter? Maybe I'll get it in a text. I have my parking pass, so I'll just show up."

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you haven't watched it, don't miss We Love Soaps working opposite Gilsig on IMAGINARY BITCHES.

BBC Worldwide America names new president
BBC Worldwide has named former MTV and Nickelodeon executive Herb Scannell president of BBC Worldwide America. Formerly president of Nickelodeon Networks and vice chairman of MTV Networks, Scannell most recently led Next New Networks, a digital media company he co-founded in 2006, until 2008. He remains a member of the board at Next New Networks.

What Twitter Must Learn From Techcrunch in Order to Thrive
Twitter must not get too comfortable. The only constant on the internet is change. If Twitter's execs don't reinvent its business now, someone or something will do it for them.


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  2. Give Zucker the 40 Mil. and sign a contract to never have anything to do with TV again. He should have been fired on the spot for the Tonight Show debacle.