Saturday, June 12, 2010

NEWS: Gilford, Shores, Gareis, Bloom, Watercooler

"It not only got me out there, but being on a TV show that's respected has been helpful. Nothing against them, but there's a lot of shows you kind of end up on which are kind of like high school melodramas. They're great entertainment, but it's cool to have been on a show where you're really making something that's special and not just entertainment."

11 WRITERS LATER: How 20th Exec Alex Young Lost Control Of The A-Team
The final credit now reads: "Written by Joe Carnahan & Brian Bloom (ex-Dusty, AS THE WORLD TURNS) and Skip Woods. Created by Frank Lupo & Stephen J. Cannell." In other words, 11 writers, and in the end, the director and his partner get first position credit.

TV Still Owns Watercooler, but Shares It With the Web
Once, TV was the symbolic water-cooler that drove consumer conversations. It still is. But the tube is being upstaged by the web, which now nearly matches it in terms of influence on conversations, according to a new study from Yahoo and Keller Fay Group. The study found people 13 to 29 drove most of the increase in internet-influenced brand conversations, with those 30 to 39 also playing a role.

B&B's Jennifer Gareis had her baby
Gareis (Donna) and her husband Bobby welcomed a son on June 11 at 7:33pm. The yet-to-be named boy weighed in at 9lbs and 8 ounces and is 22 inches long. "Mommy and baby are both happy and healthy," says a spokesperson for the show.

"I try desperately not to question the journey. Part of me wishes I’d chosen a different producing partner that would’ve honored their contractual obligations, but part of my lesson has been that I’m now able to separate business from emotion, so you don’t hear me being as upset as I was before. I have no regrets of fighting for four years to get SORDID LIVES on the small screen. It was a fantasy. I mean, I got to work with amazing actors like Rue McClanahan!"

Syfy to Roll Out 'Connect' Platform
Syfy is looking to channel its fans passionate, vocal nature by establishing regular programming events which blend live TV viewing, social media and video chats with network’s talent. Sometime over the next few weeks Syfy will roll out Syfy Connect, a Web platform that will aggregate fan commentary that gets posted during first-run episodes of Syfy’s top series as they air, including conversations that take place on as well as on social media giants Facebook and Twitter.

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