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We Love Soaps recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Emmy-winning actress Julie Berman, who has played the character Lulu Spencer since 2007. What does she think of Lulu's success, and what ultimately brings her happiness? Read below to find out.

We Love Soaps: Were you aware the institution of Luke and Laura when you auditioned for the part of Leslie Lu?
Julie Marie Berman: I wasn’t really aware.  My agent was very excited about it.  She made me aware she was a fan of Luke and Laura and wanted me to understand this was a very important role playing their child.  Now, someone telling you that is great.  But it’s easier for me to go in and treat it like a character of my own, like another character on the canvas.  I think not knowing much about them took off a lot of pressure.

We Love Soaps: From the ground running as Lulu you were a firecracker.  You held up your own with everyone. Are you like that in your own life?
Julie Marie Berman: I think there are a lot of parts about her that is who I am, and a lot of parts that are contradictory.  Like I have no problem speaking my mind, and I’m a confident woman.  At the same time, I pick my battles.  We do have different life experiences, I’ve never been strapped to a bomb [laughs].  But she also tends to throw herself into situations and then tries to find a way out of it, whereas I take my time before getting involved in anything. 

We Love Soaps: I like that she is confident and doesn’t apologize for her mistakes.
Julie Marie Berman: I disagree with that though.  She does apologize for her mistakes, she learns from them.  She doesn’t make the same mistakes over and over.  I think she’s one of the few characters who does learn and doesn’t repeat them.  The choices she has made in the past still affect her today.

We Love Soaps: As you mentioned, Lulu had a bomb strapped to her, courtesy of Franco played by James Franco.  What has it been like to have this Golden Globe winner join the cast?
Julie Marie Berman: I feel like he’s there to do the work, and do what is called for as an actor.  He’s there, he’s ready to work, he’s a really nice guy.

We Love Soaps: We are so thrilled you are nominated again this year for an Emmy.  What scenes did you submit for consideration this year?
Julie Marie Berman: I submitted the scenes of her break-up with Johnny.  

We Love Soaps: Last year you won the Emmy for scenes where you essentially alone reacting to a wig.  This year it sounds different.
Julie Marie Berman: Yes, it was nice to work with a living breathing human being. 

We Love Soaps: Why these scenes?
Julie Marie Berman: To be honest, I didn’t have anything else.  It was one of the days where afterward I felt totally drained.  It was a transformative kind of experience. 

We Love Soaps: Lulu has had a lot of boyfriends over the years.  But fans are really behind the pairing with Dante.  Why do you think that is?
Julie Marie Berman: I think it has a lot to do with Dominic Zamprogna.  I don’t want to stroke his ego [laughs].  But he is a great actor.  Dante brings something different to her that she hasn’t had before.  At this point Lulu is in such a different place.  The timing of where her life is now, she is in a better place, and more mature. 

We Love Soaps: You are having a great run on GH, an Emmy win and possibly one more coming up. What would you like to see happen in Julie’s life in the future?
Julie Marie Berman: I just want to be happy.  It would be very weird to put out to the universe that I want anything more than what I have already.  As long as I’m happy that’s all I care about.

We Love Soaps: And what makes you happy now?
Julie Marie Berman: Good friends, my family, my husband.  I stay very well grounded in my past.  My best friends from school are still my best friends now.  There are people who loved me before GENERAL HOSPITAL who stay in my life now.  So it's about staying true to myself and who I am.

Photo Credit: Jim Warren

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