Monday, June 14, 2010

AUCTION: Classic Y&R Photo For Willie-Coppee Fund

Hillary B. Smith is currently auctioning some wonderful items to raise money for the Willie-Coppee Fund. The latest auction item, a classic autographed YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS photo, is now up for bid.

The Willie-Coppee Fund is a joint charitable endeavor between Smith and her good friend, television writer and multiple-best-selling author Lindsay Harrison, and services clients of the CA-based Sherman Oaks Veterinary Group. The fund was established several years ago to honor the memory of their beloved dogs, Willie (Lindsay's Bichon Frise) and Coppee (Hillary's Golden Retriever), and serves to discreetly assist pet owners who may be struggling with overwhelming veterinary bills. Endowments that assist pet owners are incredibly important in today's challenged economy, as countless individuals are unable to provide routine care and medically necessary services for their furry friends.

Full item description below.

We’re so blessed to count the legendary Jeanne Cooper among our dear friends, and we thank her with all our hearts for offering this true piece of daytime history from her treasured personal collection of memorabilia.

An 8"x10" “Young & The Restless” cast photo from 1973 in the Chancellor living room would be extraordinary enough. But an original 8"x10" autographed cast photo from 1973 in the Chancellor living room – absolutely one of a kind and certainly not a reprint – takes our breath away.

From left to right, back to front, you’ll find personally signed photos of:

TOM HALLICK (Brad Elliot, 1973-1978)
TRISH STEWART (Christabel Brooks Foster, 1973-1978, 1984)
WILLIAM GRAY ESPY (Snapper Foster, 1973-1975, 2003)
JIM HOUGHTON (Greg Foster, 1973-1976, 2003)
BEAU KAYSER (Brock Reynolds, 1974-1980, 1984-1986, 1988-1992, 1999-2004, 2008-2010)
JEANNE COOPER (Katherine Chancellor, 1973 – present)
DONNELLY RHODES (Phillip Chancellor II, 1974-1975)
JANICE LYNDE (Leslie Brooks, 1973-1977)
ROBERT COLBERT (Stuart Brooks, 1973-1983)
DOROTHY GREEN (Jennifer Elizabeth Brooks, 1973-1977)
JAIME LYN BAUER (Lorie Brooks, 1973-1982, 1984, 2002)
JULIANNA McCARTHY (Liz Foster, 1973-1985, 1986, 1993, 2003-2004, 2008, 2010)
BRENDA DICKSON (Jill Foster Abbott, 1973-1980, 1983-1987)
PAMELA PETERS SOLOW (Peggy Brooks, 1973-1981, 1984)
JENNIFER LEAK (Gwen Sherman, 1974-1975)

The lower right corner reads, “Best Wishes, The Young & The Restless.” The upper left neither Jeanne nor I could make out, even with a magnifying glass – it seems to be “Happy (something)” and is possibly but definitely NOT guaranteed to be the signature of co-creator Lee Bell.

Jeanne signed the back of the photo for this auction: “Happy Memories and Many, Many Thanks, Jeanne Cooper 2010.”

This historic photograph will be shipped in an elegantly simple silver frame, fully insured for the amount of the winning bid. We’re genuinely honored to offer this utterly unique item, and again, THANK YOU, JEANNE!

We accept PAYPAL ONLY and will ship only to the confirmed PayPal address. We reserve the right to relist this item if the winning bidder’s PayPal payment is not received within seven days of the auction’s end. Worldwide shipping is free.

Thank you so much for looking.

Bid here.

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  1. That photo is actually from the 1975 timeframe. You can tell by the unnamed actor sitting in the middle, in the bottom row. That's Steve Carlson, who played Dr. Mark Henderson, in the show's first, near-incest storyline. That was when Lorie Brooks fell in love with Mark, then found out he was her half-brother. That story didn't start till 1975.... but I won't tell.... lol!