Friday, May 14, 2010

NEWS: Claywell/Evans, Stause, Seidel, Grigorova, AHSHE

Upfront Week: V will return, FLASHFORWARD will not
As next week's broadcast upfront week approaches, ABC confirmed it renewed freshman drama V and picked up six new series for next season.

Claywell and Evans have different responses to Daytime Emmy nominations
Brett Claywell: "We tell a story that was groundbreaking and powerful, then lose my job and am overlooked for a nomination. Daytime is such a joke."

Scott Evans: "Congrats to all the nominees!! Scotty Clifton, Ms. Williamson, Mr. Kerwin and our wonderful directors- you are truly remarkable!!"

We Love Soaps reporter Stephen Seidel is 'Fit for Duty'
Los Angeles–based actor Stephen Seidel, executive producer and host of "Renegade Reporting", has been working with Cole for more than a year to prepare his body for the variety of performance demands he encounters. In the play-turned–experimental film "A Body Without a Head," for example, "we all had to have our shirts off, and that's the last thing you want to be worrying about when you're on stage," Seidel says. "You want to be in the mind of the character, not worrying about your body."

Chrishell Stause says ex-fiance GLEE's Matthew Morrison is a real-life player
The ALL MY CHILDREN actress recently stated that she called off their wedding because he wasn't ready to settle down. "I decided to break off our engagement," she told Star in a recent interview, "because I believed he was seeing other people and just wasn't ready to fully commit."

New indie soap AHSHE set to premiere May 19
A new online black soap opera, AHSHE, launches May 19, 7 p.m. PT. AHSHE is produced by Restore Films and aims to provide a look at seldom-examined aspects of black life. Politics, sibling rivalry, religion and racism will all be showcased on the soap. The lives of the Grant family, composed of two sisters and two brothers, will serve as the main storyline, with the lives of the Grants’ friends and lovers rounding out the soap.

Soap Opera Star Voted 'Sexiest' Bulgarian Woman
Actress and model Luiza Grigorova, who stars in the hit Bulgarian soap GLASS HOME (“Staklen Dom”), was given the sexiest woman title by the Bulgarian edition of the Maxim magazine.


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  2. In other news: I just watched the very last episode of the Dutch soap "Onderweg Naar Morgen". Sad to see it end. Especially because we now have only one soap left (not counting a 10 minute teen soap).

    Thankfully GTST is still getting good ratings. They're even moving to a new studio. Today was their last day at the old studio in Aalsmeer. Because of this cast and crew were having lunch on the Rozenboom set (the Rozenboom is GTST's version of ATWT's Lakeview):