Thursday, May 20, 2010

NEWS: Scott Clifton, Univision, Jon Lindstrom Film, Kanin

Scott Clifton joins THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as Liam Cooper
Clifton starts at B&B on July 19. He was written out of ONE LIFE TO LIVE earlier this year.

Build a Habitate for Humanity house with THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
Stars (including Sarah Brown, Katherine Kelly Lang and Hunter Tylo) and crew from B&B have taken up the challenge and will be building a house on Sunday, May 23.

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Kanin Howell (Frank)
"They actually wanted me to come in and read for a contract role a month prior, and I was too busy doing other stuff. So they called me back in for this, and it was good -- it was one of those bad guy roles, but it has something else going on. I really like the role. I went in and read for Matt Kane, and the rest is history. I'm shooting another episode tomorrow, and then next week I have another one.

"It's a recast, so I thought they were just gonna kind of chew me up, spit me out, in these first three episodes. But then things took a turn for the better, and my fourth episode is when I really break out and my character starts going a whole other way."

Univision unveils 2010-11 schedule
Univision is planning a slew of shows produced or co-produced by its new content creation unit, Univision Studios, for the 2010-11 TV season, including weekday primetime telenovela EVA LUNA, as well as a dancing and an island reality show. EVA LUNA series centers on advertising executive Eva Gonzalez, who finds the love of her life and is then led to believe that he murdered her father. Set in Southern California, it stars Guy Ecker and Blanca Soto.

ATWT's Jon Lindstrom to star in the film You Can't Have It All
The film, a romantic comedy about self-discovery that draws a distinction between contentment and happiness, stars Lindstrom, Wendie Malick, and Chris Murrah in his feature film debut. Multi-millionaire/socialite Paul Grecco (Lindstrom) seems to have it all. Or does he? After selling his lucrative business, he's faced with retirement, and more money and time on his hands than he knows what to do with. The sudden changes in his life cause his overbearing (but well-meaning) sister Elise (Malick) to decide that giving Paul a dog would be the perfect solution. With little else to do, Paul assumes the daily dog-walking routine in the park, where he encounters Andy Chance (Murrah), a gay advertising whiz, who happens to walk his dog on the very same schedule. What starts as a casual daily meeting in the park, eventually develops into something more. Soon Paul is questioning his life choices and must decide between the contentment he thought he had and the happiness he comes to realize has eluded him.

VIDEO: Does ALL MY CHILDREN's Erica Kane Survive a Plane Crash?
Erica Kane's (Susan Lucci) plane crashes into the side of a mountain on Monday's AMC. The episode introduces Michael Nouri as Caleb McGraw, who extricates Erica from the wreckage of the plane and carries her to safety. As she chatters on, he ignores her pleas to talk to her, digging through the debris of what was once his home ... now destroyed.

James Franco Will ‘Rise With The Apes’ and Laugh As ‘Ricky Stanicky’
Deadline reports on two upcoming projects he is attached to star in. The first will be Rupert Wyatt’s prequel Rise of the Apes for 20th Century Fox. It is reported that Franco and Wyatt “met last week and sparked to a collaboration.” The next project is for Ricky Stanicky. The script is written by Jeff Bushell of Drawn Together and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The plot is “a couple of pals who invented a fake friend they employ when they want to get away from their spouses get called on their BS when the wives insist on meeting Ricky Stanicky at a party they are throwing. The guys hire an actor (Franco) to play Stanicky.” Summit is looking to produce and distribute.

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