Friday, May 7, 2010

NEWS: Clark, Moses, Kamar's LASIK, Haskins

Kamar Des Los Reyes has LASIK with Dr. Khanna
Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE actor Kamar Des Los Reyes and Los Angeles Lasik surgeon Dr. Rajesh Khanna first met at an event for the ALMA awards. Kamar expressed that he had struggled with glasses, contacts and poor vision for years. Kamar then visited the Khanna Institute where he was screened for the LASIK procedure; Dr. Khanna discussed his vision needs and conducted thorough exams, verifying that Kamar was an excellent candidate for the wavefront Lasik procedure.

Wavefront Lasik is a safe and effective advanced eye procedure. During surgery a small flap of corneal tissue is created, followed by the application of a cool laser beam directed to the cornea. The laser works to reshape the cornea . And finally the protective flap is put back which sticks like a natural band aid. The procedure itself takes less than 5 minutes and can correct a wide range of vision problems. The day of the surgery went extremely well and Kamar and wife Sherrie Saum (One live to Live Actress) were immensely pleased with his new vision. Due to the advanced technology and surgical skills implemented by Dr. Khanna, Kamar now has exceptional vision and is able to see without the use of glasses or contacts.

Brian Bloom appears in new A-TEAM movie plus helped write the script
In addition to playing Pike in the new film, out in June, the former AS THE WORLD TURNS dreamboat also was part of the screenwriting team.

Dennis Haskins to appear on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
Dennis Haskins — perhaps best known as Principal Richard Belding on the teen sitcom SAVED BY THE BELL — will appear alongside Alley Mills (Pam) and Jennifer Gareis (Donna) in what a show rep describes as a “must-see” episode.

Former cast member reprising role on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES
Mark Moses is slated to reprise his role as Mary Alice’s creepy widower, Paul, on a full-time basis next season.

Christie Clark expecting another child
Clark, who will reprise her role as DAYS's Carrie in June, is expecting her second child. The actress, who is five months along, and husband Thomas Barnes already have a daughter, Hannah Bella, 2.

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