Saturday, May 22, 2010

UPDATED: Larry Bryggman Back on ATWT Before The End

Emmy Award-winning soap legend Larry Bryggman will be reprising his role as John Dixon on AS THE WORLD TURNS for multiple episodes (around 10) before the show goes off the air in September.

Brygmann started on ATWT in 1969 and played the role of John for 35 years before the character unceremoniously disappeared. John's rivalry with Bob, his marriage to Kim (which included a controversial marital rape), and the infamous hot tub scene with Lucinda are just a few of the many highlights during his run. Those three relationships and many more will hopefully be touched upon as John makes his way back to Oakdale.

Also returning before the end are Cady McClain, Mary Beth Evans, Sarah Glendening, Jennifer Landon and Jesse Lee Soffer (both back July 9), Kristina Romero, Anthony Herrera and Terri Garber. Hopefully others will be announced soon.

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  1. Even though I'm very sad that ATWT is disappearing, I am glad & grateful that Larry is returning as Dr. John, even only for 1 day!

  2. Thank goodness! I'm very glad that John Dixon will be with us one more time...

    Roger or Damon - do either of you know if they will be addressing Helen Wagner's passing on the show in some way?

  3. zurge, I don't know what they're doing about Nancy. They had to rewrite the Lisa tribute because Nancy had multiple scenes in it.

  4. Looks like Bryggman is doing more episodes than originally thought. Great news!

  5. Do you now how long Jesse Soffer & Jen Landon will be around?

  6. And I would be interested in the "hopefully others" that was mentioned returning as well.

  7. Fantastic news that Larry is back for that many episodes. John has so many people he needs to connect with and that should hopefully give him enough time to romance Lucinda.

  8. ATWT Fan, I don't know about Will and Gwen. They come to town with a key piece of news. It would make sense if they stuck around while things are happening but I haven't heard.

    Judy, I totally agree. This gives me hope John will actually connect with most of the right people.

    If they work Helen's death into the script with Nancy's death, then Ellen, Penny and someoneo to plan Don are must. ATWT can take notes from DAYS who are honoring Frances Reid this month.