Friday, August 27, 2010

FLASHBACK: Larry Bryggman 1974

The Two Faces of Larry Bryggman

By Bill Waitzkin
Daily TV Serials
September 1974, Vol. 2, No. 9

"I really believed that music was where it was at for me until the drama coach at City College in San Francisco where I studied approached me about doing a play for the school. I decided to give it a try and became completely submerged in acting. I did several other plays and soon I was no longer a music major."

"My first major role was Pozzo in Becket's 'Waiting for Godot.' Actually, I have probably played the part of Pozzo longer and more often than any other American Actor."

"I guess that [John] Dixon is the only cold, calculating villain on the show [AS THE WORLD TURNS]. He's the only one who gets his hands dirty. For that reason, I think that he's the most realistic character. The main problem with soap opera has to deal with the quality of the writing. Unfortunately, they tend to make everyone good or bad, black or white, and that's not the way life is. Everyone gets into trouble at one time or another. If you didn't, it would be a rather incomplete life you lived.

(Regarding an incident outside a supermarket in which an irate fan of ATWT confronted the actor) "My wife was still inside the market, while I was carrying packages to the car parked at the curb. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flurry of movement coming down the sidewalk right at me. I said to myself, "Oh my God, here we go. She's coming straight at me and is going to let me have it. She said 'You no good...' And, I knew that it was about the show. One of my kids, hearing all the commotion outside, poked his head up from the back seat of the car. She saw him and stopped short of belting me. Then my other boy stuck his head up. She looked at them, and then at me. 'Are those your children?' At this point I was pretty mad and said 'Yes they are. What's it to you?' She said 'Well I was really gonna let you have it, but anyone with children can't be all bad.'"

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  1. Thank goodness Liz Hubbard (Lucinda) got Larry to return as Dr. John to finish out the show's last 3 weeks! :-)