Thursday, May 13, 2010

FLASHBACK: Justin Deas 1980


By Jon-Michael Reed
Los Angeles Times
December 12, 1980

NEW YORK - Maybe this time around he'll hit soap stardom pay dirt.

Justin Deas was the one and only Bucky Carter in the original cast of RYAN'S HOPE. The character never quite caught on with the audience, primarily because the show's writers didn't know which niche to fit him into or which romantic storyline he was best suited to pursue. Nevertheless, he was one of the most promising of soap newcomers, and now he has an opportunity to further display his skills.

Justin has been cast in the returning role of Tom Hughes, a character on AS THE WORLD TURNS who has been portrayed by at least half a dozen actors in the past 15 years. Between the two soap roles, Justin worked in Off-Broadway productions.

Stay tuned to see if Tom can win back the love of Barbara Ryan Stenbeck, who left him waiting at the altar a yaer ago, or whether he'll be paired with newcomer Maggie, Lyla's sister.

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