Friday, May 14, 2010

CLASSIC CLIPS: Michael Zaslow

Michael Zaslow came in at #4 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list.

"He played the ultimate villain Roger Thorpe on Guiding Light with layers and layers and layers," wrote Marlena De Lacroix, one of critics surveyed for the list. "A beautiful portrait of a very troubled man."

Below are some classic clips of Zaslow's work on Guiding Light, Falcon Crest and One Life to Live.

1976: Roger tells Peggy he's the father of Christina Bauer. (Guiding Light)
1979: Roger rapes Holly. (Guiding Light)

1980: Clown Roger follows Rita into the Hall of Mirrors ("Enough is Enough"). (Guiding Light)
1980: Roger tracks Holly and Chrissy down in Santo Domingo and then "dies". (Guiding Light)

1982: Zaslow's guest appearance on Falcon Crest.
1983: Dorian is furious that David told Cassie he is her father. (One Life to Live)

1989: Roger returns to Springfield very much alive. (Guiding Light)
1990: Roger and Holly try to help Blake. (Guiding Light)

1992: Roger confronts Blake and Ross. (Guiding Light)
1993: Roger tells Holly if he can't have her, Ed won't either. (Guiding Light)

1996: Roger pretends to make amends with Alexandra. (Guiding Light)
1998: David returns to Llanview with ALS. (One Life to Live)

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