Monday, May 17, 2010

AUCTION: Season One VENICE Script

Hillary B. Smith is currently auctioning some wonderful items to raise money for the Willie-Coppee Fund. The latest auction item, a script from Season One of hit indie soap VENICE, is now up for bid.

The Willie-Coppee Fund is a joint charitable endeavor between Smith and her good friend, television writer and multiple-best-selling author Lindsay Harrison, and services clients of the CA-based Sherman Oaks Veterinary Group. The fund was established several years ago to honor the memory of their beloved dogs, Willie (Lindsay's Bichon Frise) and Coppee (Hillary's Golden Retriever), and serves to discreetly assist pet owners who may be struggling with overwhelming veterinary bills. Endowments that assist pet owners are incredibly important in today's challenged economy, as countless individuals are unable to provide routine care and medically necessary services for their furry friends.

Full item description below.

Thank you so much, Kim Turrisi, for offering this genuine treasure from the web series "VENICE": your wonderful 74-page script of Season One, with its title page personally signed by your cast: CRYSTAL CHAPPELL (Gina), HARRISON WHITE (Jamie), JORDAN CLARKE (John), MICHELLE N. CARTER (Michele), GALEN GERING (Owen), HILLARY B. SMITH (Guya), LESLI KAY (Tracy), NADIA BJORLIN (Lara), GINA TOGNONI (Sami), JESSICA LECCIA (Ani) and MICHAEL SABATINO (Alan).

The script will arrive in a simple black spring-spine binder - i.e., no three-hole-punch pages, in case the winning bidder wants to display this extraordinary array of autographs. And with or without autographs, the script itself is a great read, needless to say, and a true collector's item for the countless "VENICE" fans around the world.

We accept payment from PayPal only, and we reserve the right to relist this item if payment isn't received within seven days of the auction's end.

Shipping is FREE to any U.S. or international location, and the script will be sent within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Thank you for looking, and thank you again, Kim!

Bid here.

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