Monday, April 12, 2010

NEWS: Grey Damon, Tracey Bregman, VENICE, Aiden

Grey Damon joins the cast of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS for Season Five
Season Four doesn't start airing on NBC until May 7, but filming for Season Five is already underway in Austin. Grey Damon has joined the cast as Hastings Ruckle, a sexy, laid back basketball player who ends up joining the Lions as a wide receiver.

P&G Versus Unilever In India
Unilever wrote the playbook for winning in emerging markets. P&G is now rewriting its own version. No wonder their bitter rivalry has flared up again--in India.

Aiden Turner promises ripping of clothes during DANCING WITH THE STARS‎
Turner says the rumba will have a lot of sexy glares that he describes as "I wanna rip your clothes off" looks. He says of his wardrobe for the performance, "There's a little ripping going on."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren/Sarah)
"We still have the rich, family stories and the romances. Y&R’s success has always been based on the audience’s connection to the characters. Don’t forget it was [Y&R creator] Bill Bell who had Lauren buried alive, and that was a wild, very emotional story. As long as you can keep the character relationships on point, I think the audience will go for the ride. When it gets outlandish on other shows, I find it difficult as a viewer to connect with that. But I don’t think that’s ever been Y&R’s problem."

Will Season Two of VENICE be free?
“The crew and the actors last season did it all for free," Chappell said. "Going into season two, the hope is to be able to pay the actors and keep them under contract for seasons two and three, and hopefully, to be able to get sponsorship. We will see where it goes. My hope and my goal is to give season two away for free to everybody. Honestly, it’s the loyalty to the fans. I said if we can do the subscription for season one, we might be able to pull off-season two for free. They trusted me and it’s looking like that is what’s going to happen.”

What do soap operas have in common with Greek tragedies?
A lot more than you'd think – not the least of which patricide, infanticide and flesh-eating viruses.

Louise Shaffer: Good-Bye Dixie Carter
"Dixie was the kind of actress who not only welcomed a newcomer, she showed you where the ladies room was -- a serious consideration when you were doing a show that was still being broadcast live. Like most people I was charmed by her, she was earthy, glamorous, incredibly smart and totally feminine -- a combo I still think southern women can pull off better than anyone else."

2nd Annual Streamys: Twice the Size, Half the Heart
"Host Paul Scheer set the tone. His style was a bit raunchy and then the sketches and presenters went even farther. One audience member described the show to us as dick jokes in the triple digits."

Razzie Awards coming to TV
The pre-Oscar ceremony that honors the worst in movies will become televised for the first time starting next year.

SNL invites Betty White Facebook campaigner to her taping
San Antonio's most fervent supporter of Betty White just got word: He's going to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!

PREVIEW: Ask Dr. Oz - Soap Edition
Eileen Fulton, Alison Sweeney, Kassie DePaiva and Walt Willey will appear on DR. OZ on Friday.

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