Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Hunks of EMPIRE

As part of the We Love Soaps continuing "12 Days of EMPIRE" coverage leading up to the April 27 second season premiere, we are taking a look at the hunks of the show. Some of the men were featured in the first season last year while others have been added to raise the hunk quotient for Season Two.

Name: Chris Duoros
Role: Thomas Haven
Storyline: The "bad" Haven brother (and the oldest). Learned his parents weren't really dead at the end of Season One. Thomas is currently serving time in prison for statutory rape after an affair he had with Jake Harper, a then fifteen-year-old prostitute who he tried to pass off as his son. His engagement to long term girlfriend Marin Lively abruptly ended when she walked in on Thomas and Jake in a very compromising position... namely doggie-style. Though he is incarcerated, Thomas still owns 50% of Empire, the society magazine his grandfather created which he successfully transformed into a modern day tabloid.

Name: Ryan Clardy
Role: Cane Haven (which earned Clardy an Indie Soap Award nomination)
Storyline: The youngest Haven brother who happens to be an out gay man. Cane was disowned by his father Cubbie for being gay, but later found out he inherited the family mansion after his parents "died." Has a boyfriend Alex and friend Rodney that were mentioned in Season One that will appear in Season Two. When his parents reappeared and his brother Thomas went up the river, Cane returned to Manhattan to Alex ... with someone in tow.

Name: Nick Lewis
Role: Evan Haven
Storyline: Evan is the middle child and has a bit of Jan Brady syndrome happening with his older brother Thomas. At least he did before Thomas was arrested. or years he has loved his best friend Marin Lively, but fear of losing her friendship has prevented him from sharing his feelings. Now that it appears that Thomas and Marin are over forever, will Evan finally land the girl of his dreams?

Name: Fabio Taliercio
Role: Alex Russo
Storyline: Alex was only mentioned in Season One (and heard on a voice mail) but never seen. He's been Cane Haven's boyfriend for the past three years. Alex runs a bar that hasn't been doing so well, leading him to drink a lot, which has caused friction between Alex and Cane. Despite the issues, the two genuinely love one another and are determined to make their relationship a happy and lasting one.

Name: Christian Barber
Role: Rodney Dillon
Storyline: Rodney Dillon is Cane Haven's best friend and was mentioned but not seen in Season One. A cop at the local police department in Long Island, Rodney is an upstanding and loyal man. His nights off may be spent getting a beer with Cane in the city or hanging out with his new girlfriend. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Look for an interview with Barber, who also stars on radio soap LIKE US, coming soon.]

Name: Toby Levin
Role: Jake Harper
Storyline: Jake Harper is now 16. His life as a prostitute on Long Island was so last year, but not before a shocking scene with Thomas Haven in a seedy motel. Jake is moving on to bigger and better things in NYC. If only he could stop crushing on older men!

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