We Love Soaps had the distinct honor to speak with Michael O' Leary about the creation of  STEAMBOAT THE SERIES, and how he hopes to keep it afloat.  Please enjoy this interview in which the Emmy Nominated Veteran of GL discusses new media, adapting to change, and that pesky weight issue.

In Part One, O'Leary shares his motivation to bring about STEAMBOAT, and revealed how he been able to channel his insecurities and creative energies into this project. 

In Part Two, he shares more about the harsh realities in the entertainment industries, and the changing landscape of media.  Plus who is Kim Zimmer's character based on? Read below to find out!

Michael O' Leary will be performing at our first annual We Love Soaps Fan Weekend.  Press here to find out how you can see him and seven other daytime stars (including Robert Newman) perform.

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