Wednesday, April 7, 2010

FLASHBACK: Anthony Herrera 1980

Handsome Actor Prefers Work In Soaps

By Liz Badolato
King Features Syndicate
February 29, 1980

Why would a tall, dark, handsome actor who has established himself in the prestigious prime-time arena of Hollywood return to New York to do a soap opera? Well, Anthony Herrera, who's recently joined AS THE WORLD TURNS in the role of sophisticated Swedish tycoon, James Stenbeck, loves the pace in New York and would rather work on his craft day in and day out than have two or three months between jobs in Hollywood.

However, Anthony had some wonderful work experiences in California. He appeared as college professor Jack Curtis on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; starred with Pernell Roberts and David Selby in the made-for-TV flick, Mandrake the Magician; and did guest leads in EMERGENCY, THE ROCKFORD FILES and THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

Anthony strongly believes that every New York actor should spend at least a month of every year on the Hollywood scene. He believes his Hollywood experience debunked the myths and clich├ęs of tinsel town and encouraged his learning different aspects of the business. Now hoping to produce one of his scripts, Anthony unabashedly claims that he would cast every available role from the daytime talent pool.

Herrera likes dealing with human conflict, both in his acting and writing. In fact, so much that Anthony admits he decided against medical school (after three years of pre-med at the University of Mississippi) in favor of acting.

Herrera is presently keep deep in drama on AS THE WORLD TURNS. His James Stenbeck will probably be as popular for Herrera as was his Jack Curtis on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

To this day, Anthony is still amazed that he was recognized from his RESTLESS role more than was film star Steve McQueen when they were both seen at an airport. In addition, he was delighted when Esther Williams, glamorous swimming star of the '40s, and her husband Fernando Lamas were thrilled to meet him.

Herrera has found that people, whether from swanky Hollywood, N.Y.'s chic East Side, or down home Mississippi, can always relate to the trials and tribulations of soap operas.

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