Saturday, April 10, 2010


Roscoe Born came in at #30 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Born's work on RYAN'S HOPE, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, THE CITY, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, DAYS OF OUR LIVES and SANTA BARBARA.

1981: Joe talks to Alexei about Siobhan.
1983: Joe wants Mr. Brahm's blessing.

1985: Mitch testifies about the day Harry O'Neill was murdered.
1986: Mitch wants to know what Tina is up to.

1987: Viki conquers Mitch in heaven.
1988: Joe tries to save Siobhan from the explosive music box.

1991: At the altar, Kelly realizes Robert is really Quinn and faints.
1995: Nick and Lorraine share a tender moment before heading to the bedroom.

2003: Mitch is Jessica's father.
2005: Tom wants a hug from Kevin.

2005: Terrible Tom helps Sheila try to take out Lauren.
2008: Melanie is disgusted by Trent.


  1. I can remember every single scene of the legendary Robert Barr in Santa Barbara ...
    I hated with all my strength when he tried to sneak between Cruz and Eden ...
    And how wonderful duets between Robert and Flame (Roberta Bizeau Weiss) ... two real crazy!
    In the daytime it feel like the lack of that characters!
    and especially why Roberta Weiss no longer has a role on TV??

  2. .

    Even when he plays the part of a 'bad guy' … no one
    can ever deny that ROSCOE BORN IS very simply
    THE SEXIEST and HOTTEST actor on television
    -- hands down (he's one of those rare actors
    that gets hotter and sexier with age)!!

    If he were hired to 'do nothing but
    breathe' --- I would pay to see it.

    The man is simply smoldering!!

    Plus -- on top of everything else
    -- he's also incredibly talented.

    The writers should consider creating another
    good twin/evil twin role for him (like he had
    on 'Santa Barbara') -- or, for a change, let
    him play a good guy (like he did in 'The City').

    When will some show seduce him into taking
    a 'permanent' contract, for crying out loud?!??!