Monday, April 12, 2010

CLASSIC CLIPS: Robert S. Woods

Robert S. Woods came in at #28 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Woods's work on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

1981: Bo is his own man.
1983: Bo gives a pep talk to the Cougars.

1984: The promo Woods made before the Summer Olympics.
1984: Bo tells Becky Lee he's not ashamed of Drew.

1988: Cord's loss is Bo's gain, at least in Tina's daydream.
1989: Bo and Melinda talk about FRATERNITY ROW.

1990: Bo and Sarah get married, in Mendorra.

1993: Bo and Nora save Marty from suicide.
1995: Bo and Nora dance at their wedding reception with Little Richard playing.

1998: Nora promises Bo things will get better.
2002: Bo invites Gabrielle to live with him.

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