Friday, April 2, 2010


Philip Carey came in at #38 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Carey's work on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

ARCHIVE OF AMERICAN TELEVISION: Carey's one hour interview with the Archive from 2002.

1981: Asa sings "Cowboy in the Continental Suit."
1981: Asa and Samantha get married.

1983: Asa is ticked off about "lies" printed in his own paper.
1988: Asa and Renee's double wedding with Cord and Tina.

1989: Asa's "Christmas Carol" as Scrooge.
1992: Megan is dying and Asa gives her a history of all his wives.

1995: Asa, Clint and Bo eatand fight over food.
2003: Asa regales great-granddaughter Sarah with tales of his many ex-wives.

2005: Asa meets Adam and JR Chandler.
2007: Asa gives Natalie a job.

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