Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brandon Barash & Jason Thompson Talk Stagecoach

Hold on to your cowboy hats! For the second year in a row, ABC Daytime and SOAPnet have signed on as the presenting sponsor of the 2010 Stagecoach Country Music Festival powered by Toyota. The event, to be held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California on April 24th and 25th, is a part of ABC Daytime and SOAPnet's Soap Nation Tour, an ongoing initiative to bring the stars to more fans in more cities more often. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL actors Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) and Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake) are only two of the nearly two dozen ABC stars that are participating in the event. Barash and Thompson spoke with We Love Soaps about the Stagecoach Festival earlier today.

We Love Soaps: What are you most looking forward about the Stagecoach event?
Jason Thompson: It’s a combination of going out there, being available to our fans, meeting and greeting, and then obviously to enjoy the music.  We were both there last year, and I’ve looking forward to it ever since.  I’m glad it's only a couple weeks away.
Brandon Barash: For me, I’m looking forward to enjoying great music. It's a good time to celebrate great music, great weather, and meet the people who keep us on the air.  It’s always nice to put faces with that ambigous fan name.

We Love Soaps: I used to work down the road from where the festival is going to be in Indio. This is a very windy time of year in Indio so if you have any allergies, you’ll want to be aware.
Brandon Barash: Take your Zyrtec.

We Love Soaps: You know what I also used when I lived there?  A neti pot.
Brandon Barash: My voice teacher was just telling me about the neti pot.  I was also stuffy and had to go perform at Broadway Cares.  She said, “Get yourself a neti pot.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s like a tea kettle, you put salt water in, your pour it up your nose. 

We Love Soaps: Yes! You lean over the sink so it goes up one nostril and comes out the other.  It sounds gross, but it really works.
Brandon Barash: That sounds like a good time, doesn't it?

We Love Soaps: Jason, you have a background in singing.
Jason Thompson: To a certain extent.  I grew up listening to music. I was in a band in high school. I’ve dabbled a little bit over the years.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of a couple of commercials I’ve had to sing for.  A couple of years ago we did a Christmas album for ABC that I did a song on.  It's one of those crossovers that we have seen happen between actor and musician and vice versa.  I don’t know what's going to happen in the future with it, but I do enjoy sitting around and playing music.  And more importantly listening to it.

We Love Soaps: I remember your Gap commercials  And Brandon, I saw you perform at Broadway Cares. Do you enjoy singing?
Brandon Barash: I do. Actually musical theater is how I got involved with acting.

We Love Soaps: What is the number one thing your fans can look forward to at Stagecoach this year?
Brandon Barash: Just really having a good time.  To reiterate, being out there in a field of thousands of people, great weather, even better music.  Stop by our tent.  We’ll be happy to see you, sign you, take a picture with you.
Jason Thompson: Even if you’re not fan of soap operas you can still come by the tent.  They are giving away little gifts, like manicures and massages, so come by the tent.  Who knows, you might win something and meet anyone of the 15 ABC actors that are going to be out there. 

We Love Soaps: Are you guys giving the manicures or massages?
Brandon Barash: Well, that would be interesting. I’d like to give him a pedicure, with my feet.
Jason Thompson: Interesting. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Click here to learn more about the Stagecoach Festival and see the musical acts scheduled to perform.  And if you attend the event, please tell our ABC friends that Damon and Roger say, "Howdy!"

Photo Credit: ABC

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