Thursday, March 18, 2010

Victoria Rowell: Soap Diva Clawin' Up Cliff

Here's the latest promotional video from Victoria Rowell for her new book, "Secrest of a Soap Opera Diva," out May 4 (the same day as Ken Corday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES book). Pre-order Rowell's book here.


  1. Drucilla's return??! LOL We could only wish and hope!

  2. Somebody thinks a lot of herself. Very funny though.

  3. She is the black diva of Daytime. Hubbard comes close, but Rowell beats her. The sad thing abt this clip is that Rowell's acting here is better than the cumulative acting of Muhney, Khalil, Goddard, Hendrickson, Rikaart, Frantz, Leblanc, O'Brien, Bloom, Miller, Kanan, Driscoll and Ford on Y&R. Those people are awful, including whoever plays Noah and Eden.

    Y&R should really let her back into the show, or else write the Barbers and Winters out. Only Dur or Shemar Moore's Malcolm keep ppl interested.

    Or B&B should bring Dru in, since that show really lacks diversity and a bonafide bitch. Justin, Marcus's biological father is a Barber. Have him be the one who rescued Dru from the cliff, and have Dru comatose in his house, w/c B&B has never shown. Dru would be tons more interesting than Jackie, Katie, Donna, Sandy, Hope and Steffy. Dru could work at FC since she's a model or run Jackie M.

    Or Rowell should go to Primetime. With UB on the way out, Primetime needs a new black bitch. Desperate Housewives is casting a new vixen to mess w/ the town, and Rowell would be perfect. DH already has too many white women, De Matteo's char is a bomb, so she's being written out. Julie Benz joined as a lesbian, so they have enough white women. The new vixen should be black, latino or asian.

  4. "Secrest of a Soap Opera Diva,"

    Secrest?? Isn't he doing *enough* these days without worming his way into someone else book? LOL :)