Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuc Watkins And His White Lies

It's bad news for New York GILMORE GIRLS fans, but good news for ONE LIFE TO LIVE and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES viewers! We Love Soaps learned today that Tuc Watkins is replacing Scott Patterson (ex-Luke, GG) in the Off-Broadway Comedy "White's Lies," opening May 6, 2010.  Although we are disappointed not to see Patterson in the Big Apple, we are just as thrilled to get to see Watkins perform.  How will the man juggle two shows and a theater career? Stay tuned!

GILMORE GIRLS fans can take heart knowing that the reason Patterson is not appearing is because he scored a pilot for a fall television series. 

[Thank you WLS friend Susan Hoffman for this tip!]


  1. I'm not sure that picture of Tuc actually relates to his theater performance...but it is very patriotic of you.

  2. Who cares if it relates to the theater performance? Tuc is HOT! LOL