Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nathaniel Marston Admits Resisting Arrest in NYC fight

The Associated Press just published an update on the Nathaniel Marston case, saying te former ONE LIFE TO LIVE actor has admitted resisting arrest in a plea deal that resolves charges stemming from a fight at a New York City gas station.

Nathaniel Marston pleaded guilty Thursday to the misdemeanor charge. He has completed an anger-management program, and his case is expected to be closed without jail time or probation.

Marston was accused of attacking three men with a metal crate and kicking at police officers during the scuffle in October 2007 at a service station. Police say one officer was bruised, and one man suffered a leg.


  1. Correction made, thank you Courtney!

  2. Nathaniel The Hothead Better Watch Himself Or Somebody May Kick Him Back!

    How Does He Keep Getting These Breaks With No Jail Time Or Probation? Good Grief!