Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hayley Erin is out as teenager Abby Carlton on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS according to TV Guide Magazine. The character – to be aged a decade – will next be played by Marcy Rylan, 29, who previously starred as Lizzie Spaulding on GUIDING LIGHT.

She first airs in May.

I went in to meet with [executive producer-head writer] Maria Bell—who is just awesome—but I thought I was just having a general meeting. I didn’t realize there was a part to discuss, so it was a huge surprise when she brought it up. I couldn’t believe it! I went out to the parking lot and I’m like, “Oh, my God, I think I’m going to be on Y&R!” In my mind, this was always the soap I wanted to be on. Every time I would judge the Emmys, Y&R always had the best actors. Uh…after GL of course! [Laughs]

What are your thoughts? Are there too many new faces joining Y&R? Is Rylan too old for the part? Are you esctatic to see Rylan on screen again? Let us know what you think.


  1. Now that Marcy Rylan is taking over the role of Abby Carlton, I wonder if they'll have her character cross paths with Chance. It would be great to see Marcy Rylan and John Driscoll working together onscreen again!

  2. She's WAY too old for this part as SORASing Abby throws off so much continuity. Why on EARTH does MAB think they need to recast Abby before recasting Mac? Or even casting Marcy Rylan as Heather Stevens? (The latter for which she is certainly age-appropriate and quite capable of playing a strong-willed woman--AND has more of a physical resemblance to the actor playing the character's father!)

    I don't have a problem with them recasting roles where actors are weak, but they seem to be recasting the WRONG roles. The two roles viewers have been SCREAMING out on the net for Y&R to recast are Victoria Newman and Mackenzie Browning. Who do they recast? Heather and...Abby? Seriously?! Y&R is out of control and has begun turning off this viewer--who may have to turn off his TV at a certain time 5 days a week.

  3. OK...I can learn to accept Eden Riegel as Heather...after all Peter Bergman made the Cliff to Jack transition with aplomb. And while I don't think much of Ms. Erin's whiny performance, Ms. Rylan is definitely too old to play a teenager...I mean c'mon...look at her.
    I love Y&R but inconsistently rapidly aging characters (Abby the same as Mac?...Abby older than Noah?...)just to scoop up available stars is not the way to go. I hate when the writers treat the viewers like idiots...

  4. As Heidi pointed out - Abby is now going to be older than Noah? That makes NO sense.
    Marcy Rylan should have been the Heather Stevens recast and Eden Rigel should have been the Victoria Newman recast.

  5. I may have to start watching Y&R. I know nothing about continuity and all that, but I do know that Marcy Rylan is adorable.

  6. Wasn't Nick and Chance born around the same time? Yet they aged Nick while Chance was still 5. This stuff happens all the time.

  7. Good actress. Wrong part.

    The character of Abby has been involved in a major storyline recently. Suddenly, she's going to pop up 10 years older?

    That's nuts. The doesn't connect with what we've watching on screen for the last few weeks at all.

    This is just another dumb move by LML 2.0.

    Change that, even LML had more respect for viewer intelligence than the unholy trinity of Bell, Sheffer, and Hammer. What happened to respect for history and characters?

    Look at the disastrous character introductions over the last year:

    Chance, the boring virgin; Phillip the deadbeat dad; Malcolm the talk-to; Tucker the would-be Victor; and Emily Peterson, the prop device whose character development is tissue thin.

    Can we go on about this show's flaws? Heck yeah!

    What has happened to the exciting Lily and Cane? BORING. Chloe? A spit fire turned into a wet blanket? Jill? A mature 60 year old is throwing tantrums like a jealous 4 year old.

    And let's know even discuss the dismal use of its non-white cast who can never get their own storylines.

    What a mess!!!

    This show also has not one but 4 psychos running around causing trouble! When did Y&R become the Legion of Doom with all of these supervillains???

  8. Testablog = had to LOL @ Y&R being the "legion of doom"
    You got that right!

  9. Dan - ITA agree with you. While I adore Eden Riegel - I just can't see her as Heather Stevens. Perhaps she'd make a better Victoria recast and you're on the mark about Marcy Rylan - she would be perfect as a Heather Stevens recast although I'm personally not disappointed with Vail Bloom. Recasting Abby does make sense but aging her so - I'm just not feeling that. Also you left out or didn't mention in your "viewers have been SCREAMING out on the net for Y&R to recast" is Darius McCrary. He isn't Malcolm Winters and don't feel him and will never accept him as Malcolm Winters. It's stupid stuff like this that turns me off about Y&R. MAB and company just don't give a damn - you know why because they are the ratings champ and no matter how stupid - the show is going to come out on top.

  10. Marcy Rylan puts some WOW in to the show, but she just isn't Abby. They have always had her as a spoiled but good girl...she all so a sudden is way too old and obnoxious! I didn't know that she was almost 30! Wow! That's a stretch even on a soap. Can you bring back that last gal that played her when Abby gets her brains back?

    I did hate the new Heather, I kept thinking of Kendall on All My Children. but she's okay now.