Eden Riegel Joining The Cast of Y&R

Eden Riegel is joining the cast of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. She'll be replacing Vail Bloom in the role of Heather Stevens. Jamey Giddens at Daytime Confidential hinted at the news earlier and CBS Soaps in Depth tweeted confirmed it. Riegel also tweeted a hint last night as well: "I've got some really interesting, fun news coming your way! I know it's cruel to tease, but I'm too excited to keep it in."

Riegel is best known to daytime fans for her Emmy-winning run as Bianca on ALL MY CHILDREN, where she starred opposite Y&R's Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) for a while. She also made a huge splash in the indie web series world with IMAGINARY BITCHES, including this Daytime Emmy Special featuring We Love Soaps.

What do you think about the news? Surprised? Elated? Sad to see Bloom go?


  1. Vail Bloom seemed to be finally getting the hang of things...but maybe it was too late (I wonder if Bloom actually CHOSE to leave rather than being let go?) I think the character was underused and slightly underdeveloped (Heather was one thing--icy).

    I can't see Eden Riegel as Doug Davidson's daughter the way I could Vail Bloom, but... what can you do?

    Honestly, from reading Jamey's DC post and tweets, I thought she was going to be a Mac recast and I definitely could have seen that with Ashley Bashioum in mind (with Beau Kayser being darker complected than Doug Davidson).

    The only GOOD thing about this (besides Riegel being touted as being good--I've never watched AMC) is that maybe now they'll flesh out Heather Stevens more than before. I guess I should be glad she's not a Victoria recast. That I just could NOT have seen!

  2. As much as I like Eden Riegel, I'd rather see my Nikki Newman, Jill and Kay, Victor, and the other recognizable Y&R characters than waste money to bring on new faces. Pay and use what you have and work w/ it! Y&R is becoming less recognizable.

  3. I actually liked Vail Bloom in the role. I hope it was her decision to leave.
    I for one was hoping that Eden Riegel would be a Victoria re-cast. If they're going to shove a Victoria/Billy romance down our throats, they need a competent actress who can keep up with the fabulous Billy Miller.

  4. I would have loved for this to be a Mac recast as well. Obviously recasts don't have to of similar appearance (hello Kassie DePaiva!) but Eden and Vail are complete opposites! It will be interesting to see how the character develops because its severely lacking as we speak.

  5. Well, rats. I was hoping she'd come back to AMC.

  6. I hope it was Vail's choice to leave. I really liked her and she obviously looks a lot more like Paul. I wish her luck.

  7. I'm disappointed Eden isn't returning to AMC. As much as I like her, I won't be tuning in to Y&R. I hate to say it, but if AMC has a good Bianca storyline up their sleeves they should consider a re-cast.

  8. I love Eden R. and am sure she'll be great. However, like some of the other posters, I was really beginning to like Vail B.

    Also (as others have said), I think Eden would have made a GREAT Mac.


  9. For me, I'm truly sorry to see Vail go. She became an identifiable and distinct character for me, even though the writing neglected her a lot.

    But Riegel has chops and she DOES remind me of a grown up Conci Nelson (who essayed the role as a teen). So, we'll get over the brunette thing...especially if they show a flashback of Conci.

    I think this bodes poorly for Clementine Ford's Mac. I see an AMC quadrangle forming (Billy-Mac-JT-Chloe...maybe JT will be recast with Jeff Branson). I think Mac will leave town after having the babies because is too bonded.

    I realize Y&R thinks CHANCE belongs in that quadrangle above...but I'm not sure. I can't really see him having the right level of energy. Driscoll and Ford match each other...but may be too low key.

    IN THE END, THOUGH for me, NaVell's comment is the one that really defines my opinion.

    The criminal abandonment of Melody Thomas Scott just strikes at the heart of long-term viewers. What kind of paltry guarantee did she get in her last contract???

    At this point, I'd rather see Nikki go over the same cliff as Dru, rather than this languishing ish.

  10. Awwww so no more Bianca in Pine Valley? Oh well at least Eden and Lizzie will be somewhat reunited.

  11. While, like many AMC fans; I'm disappointed with Eden not returning to such a popular and ground breaking role as Bianca Montgomery; but, the fault for that entirely rests on AMC's shoulders. They positively ruined the character under the regimes of both very hated writers; Charles Pratt and Megan McTavish. And, the producers always seemed ill-at-ease to have her lesbian character back; particularly with a "companion". I congratulate Eden on chosing to finally get out of that sinking ship called AMC. I know that it must be a sad day for her to finally say good bye to such a beloved character; but, AMC failed; time and time again, to ever give the Bianca character a half-way decent storyline. They snoozed; and they most assuredly losed!

    As for the character of Heather; I'm actually surprised that the producers of Y&R are trying to salvage it. It's always been a blank slot for me for the past couple of years. In fact; utterly boring. All Vail Bloom has got going for herself is that she's cute. Other than that; she ranks right up there with Clementine as the hugest waste of talent space on that soap. At least, now, they have an actress that can actually act!

    Plus, having Liz and Eden back together on the same soap; a positively brilliant move. Hopefully, the writers on Y&R won't make AMC's many, many mistakes; and allow Eden a really juicy storyline. Who knows; maybe they'll allow Heather to follow in her ex's steps, and kiss a member of the same gender?

    Brava, Y&R...Brava!

    AMC...You blinked; and Eden bolted. Suckers!