Tuesday, March 9, 2010

THE DOCTORS on Hallmark: Delayed But Still In The Works

Classic soap fans have been anxious awaiting THE DOCTORS reruns to appear on the Hallmark Channel since December 2008 when We Love Soaps first reported the news. Various roadblocks have come up along the way including a change in leadership at Hallmark. We asked SFM, the company working to bring THE DOCTORS to Hallmark, for an update.

Stan Moger, a rep for SFM told us, "It is still working. Unfortunately, the economy and much of the population is not working, so THE DOCTORS has been delayed for another few months."

There is also a matter of making sure the episodes are ready for broadcast. Moger said a conversation process had to be completed. "The shows are still on 2 inch and 1 inch tape and need to be transferred," he said. "We are dealing with 260 shows per year for 20 years, so the numbers are quite substantial. We would have to transfer 260-520 episodes in the first instance so we could run them 5 days per week. It is this funding that is holding up the return of this wonderful soap. We are on the case and trying to get it done as soon as possible."


  1. What a tantalizing prospect that the ENTIRE run of "The Doctors" exists! If only that were true of every soap.

  2. They really should look into getting volunteers to do the conversion for them. I know there are tons of devoted soap fans with the know-how to do such things who would willingly give up their free time to make this happen.

  3. OMG! The Doctors was one of the first soaps I watched. How fun it would be to see this old soap!

  4. Exactly, robwargo. The only other shows that technically *could* do it would be "Days Of Our Lives" and "Young and the Restless", although I believe "General Hospital" might exist in it's entirety, too.

  5. I am eager for this to happen. The thought of seeing "THE DOCTORS" all over again is like a dream. Unfortunately, I think that is all it will ever be....a dream. A pipe dream at that. This announcement was made YEARS ago. WOST was in full swing, if that gives you any idea of how long ago that was.

    Like I say, I wish for this to be true. I am eager for the day that "THE DOCTORS" premieres anywhere! But I've been down these long halls of hope before and they did not lead to Madison.