Friday, February 26, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) today announced the Drama Performer Pre-Nominations for the 37th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards. There were some interesting choices and several surprising omissions.

How nice to see John Aniston get a pre-nomination although I was expecting last year's nominee Peter Reckell in that spot for DAYS. Former winners Maurice Benard and David Canary should easily make their way to the final cut. Doug Davidson had some terrific performances during the year on Y&R and it's great to see him included. It is a crime that Justin Deas and his fabulous work on GL are not nominated. Grant Aleksander, too, for that matter. Will Eric Braeden ever be recognized again? Michael Park!

I'm greedy but was hoping to see Crystal Chappell nominated for both GL and DAYS. Thank God her Award-deserving work on GUIDING LIGHT was recognized. It seems like not that many GL actors submitted themselves but Chappell was one that could not be overlooked. Sarah Brown was another actress I was hoping to get two nominations for two different shows. Kudos for the pre-noms for Hillary B. Smith and often overlooked Sharon Case.

Betty White! Let's hope White makes the final nomination list. Her presence alone might help the ratings of the Daytime Emmy telecast. Tina Sloan! Ilene Kristen! This category includes several actresses that have never been honored enough. Arianne Zucker seemed to carry DAYS a lot of the year but she is "Supporting"? Where is Suzanne Rogers? What an oversight. Tricia Cast and Beth Maitland?

Jonathan Jackson is a frontrunner for his 2010 work but he did enough in 2009 after his GH return to warrant a pre-nom. Joseph Mascolo has never been recognized by the Emmys for his work so it's good to see him listed. Brett Claywell was in one of the hottest stories of the year so major kudos to those who voted for him. Bradford Anderson! Austin Peck had the story on ATWT but Don Hastings had the chops. Why can't soaps value their talented older actors especially when they have material that could win? I would love to see true supporting actors nominated from each soap. In many ways Y&R revolved around Michael Muhney this year so I was expecting to see his name here.

If you look through this list you quickly recognize the power and talent of the younger GH actresses. The Younger categories have often had surprise winners so I wouldn't be shocked if Crystal Hunt makes the final cut. Where is Meredith Hagner? ATWT only has one pre-nominated actress. Molly Burnett is terrific and will hopefully make the finals.

Congratulations to JR Martinez on the pre-nomination. Zack Conroy was a find on GL so glad to see him here. Scott Evans! In our interview with him on WE LOVE SOAPS TV he said he wasn't even sure if he was eligible. Apparently he is! Drew Garrett is one of the best younger actors to come along in a while and will surely make the final five.

It would have been nice to see more people of color in this list of nominees. Just by stepping on the set, Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan can act circles around most. The Daytime Emmys can change the voting process every year, but it seems there is also going to be block voting and actors left out because they may not be popular on their own show or in general. It's too bad GUIDING LIGHT, which had a pretty good 2009 before it went off the air, is not recognized more.

What do you think? Who was overlooked? Who will be on the final ballot? Let us know!


  1. Kristen and Brandon should of been on the younger actor and actress list. They had an awesome scene. I'm glad Erika slezak is on the lead actress list though. I hope she does win.

  2. I'm surprised that Grant Aleksander didn't get a pre-nom for GL. Did he choose not to submit himself? Thought he was terrific in the scenes where Alan died.

  3. I'm copying this from the previous thread:

    The two best things about The Young and the Restless this year, IMHO, were Beth Maitland and Tricia Cast. Where are they?

    So glad to see Scott Evans and Brett Claywell recognized. Also, among the not-quite-as-common nominees, I'm happy for the one and only Betty White, Ilene Kristen and Stacy Haiduk no matter how ridiculous her storyline is.

  4. Crystal Chappell has done nothing on Days that would have warranted an nomination. Give me a break with all of this hype...I'm not impessed by her at all.

  5. I agree with Courtney. Chappell deserved a pre-nom for GL but lets not go overboard with the hype, one nom is enough.

    I'm happy about Drew Garrett being nominated and I hope he wins. How old is Bryton and why is he always in this category when he never has a storyline?

  6. No Don Hastings? I know he doesn't typically play this game but come on!

    Also I'm surprised Susan Lucci was left out. Not that I loved AMC this year but her work was one of the few outstanding things on that show. Especially the Erica in Africa story.

  7. No Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams? For shame! I think Alicia Minshew was outstanding when Kendall came out of the coma, but sadly, I doubt she will get a spot on the final ballot.

  8. It's such a mystery how Bryton McClure always makes the cut. Even more perplexing is how he's won the award. It really calls into question the validity of the entire nomination and awarding process of the Daytime Emmys.

  9. "Molly Burnett is terrific and will hopefully make the finals."

    For the first time in my life, I've been rendered speechless...

  10. it is impossible for an actor to be pre-nominated for two shows. The rules of the Emmys dictate that an actor must choose to submit for only ONE show. Last Year, Tamra Braun had to pick wether to submit for all my children or days of our lives. She won for DOOL. Similarly this year, Crystal Chapple and Sarah Brown each had to pick one of their shows to submit for.

    Because an actor is not permitted to be pre-nommed for two shows.

    I was surprised that Kim Zimmer didn't submit her name! Glad to see Hillary SMith and both members of Kish pre-nommed.

    But i must say why in the world is Rebecca Herbst pre-nommed? SHE STINKS!

  11. boidiva, in the rulebook I see a note about a program not submitting itself into a program category twice but don't see where it says anything about an actor on multiple shows being nominated for each. Can you tell me what page you found that on?

  12. I'm so happy for those that have been nominated for GL, especially Crystal Chappell...and they better give her the award this year!!! Congrats also to Tina Sloan, Beth Chamberlin and Zack Conroy. I agree that Grant should have been on the list, but I'm really disappointed to not see Jessica Leccia. Whilst Crystal was amazing in her role of Olivia, the Otalia storyline wouldn't have worked as well as it did without her extraordinary talent and dedication to the role.

  13. boidiva02: ITA w/ what you said about Rebecca Herbst!

    BTW, where the heck is Justin Deas on this list?? How can he not be in the running? Does anyone know if he didn't submit himself?