Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soap Opera TV Ratings For Feb. 8-14, 2010

Compiled from a list of several sources, here are the Nielsen ratings for the week of February 8-14, 2010 for all the daytime and primetime television soap operas.

THE GOOD WIFE (14.7 million, 9.5/16)
GREY'S ANATOMY (12.7 million, 8.2/13)
PRIVATE PRACTICE (9.1 million, 6.1/10)
THE DEEP END (5.7 million, 3.8/6)
THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (5.24 million, 3.8/11) - daytime airing only
UGLY BETTY (4.7 million, 3.2/5)
HEROES (4.4 million, 2.8/4) - season finale
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (3.55 million, 2.3/4)
DAYS OF OUR LIVES (3.33 million, 2.4/7) - daytime airing only
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (3.27 million, 2.4/7)
ALL MY CHILDREN (2.97 million, 2.2/7) - daytime airing only
GENERAL HOSPITAL (2.89 million, 2.1/6) - daytime airing only
ONE LIFE TO LIVE (2.69 million, 2.0/6) - daytime airing only
AS THE WORLD TURNS (2.43 million, 1.8/5)
SUPERNATURAL (2.5 million, 1.6/3)
ONE TREE HILL (2.2 million, 1.4/2)
LIFE UNEXPECTED (2.0 million, 1.3/2)
LIFE UNEXPECTED (1.6 million, 1.0/2) - Wednesday 8 p.m. repeat
90210 (0.91 million, 0.6/1) - repeat
MELROSE PLACE (0.73 million, 0.5/1) - repeat
GOSSIP GIRL (0.66 million, 0.5/1) - Wednesday 9 p.m. repeat

- DAYS OF OUR LIVES moved into second place out of the seven daytime soaps in total viewers.

- ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE's much-hyped "Return of the Cramer Women" week added the most viewers last week.

- The daytime soaps beat all CW soaps in the ratings except for VAMPIRE DIARIES.

1 comment:

  1. B&B is in trouble. It's ratings continue to slide. Falling to number 3 behind Days of Our Lives? Brad Bell and Barbara Bloom must be have fits!!

    In many ways, B&B has improved from the wretched Ridge vs. Rick wars. But the show continues to push the same old, same old triangle: Ridge/Brooke/Taylor.

    It's terrible.

    What should be noted is Y&R's continued 5+million viewers. That's exciting!

    As for OLTL, whether it's the Cramer women or Stacy's demise, it's good to see OLTL have a ratings bounce.

    ATWT? What a waste of Tom Pelphrey's talent. This is probably his last job in soaps and it was a worthless plot.