Friday, February 26, 2010

ON THE SET: Behind the Scenes at GUIDING LIGHT

NJN Public Television and Radio has been broadcasting all week a previously unaired 2006 pilot for a show called ON THE SET hosted by Frank Dicopoulos. In the pilot episode, the show goes behind the scenes at GUIDING LIGHT and talks to several of the shows cast members from this time (this was at CBS before the production model change of 2008).

Someone posted this pilot on YouTube and we posted that video earlier but after reading the Frank Dicopoulous Twitter rant in our Soap World Tweets section we are removing.

I will make this show available to all of you, I promise! I will let you know when, where, and how shortly! Whoever pirated the show and put it on you-tube, I want you to know it is in direct viloation of the law as this show is copyrighted and whoever pirated the show and put it on you-tube, I want you to know it is in direct viloation of the law as this show is copyrighted and owned by me and my director. If I wanted to put this on you-tube, I would have. I strongly urge and suggest whoever did this to have it taken off immediately. This matter is currently being persued and investigated. Thank you! I have always been there for more my fans and will always be in the future! As you can tell this is very upsetting to me! I don't like the fact that someone took advantage of a situation. I need some feedback to see if I'm on the right track here, what do you all think?

I personally think having it on YouTube could only help the project have a chance of getting picked up so hopefully he will follow through and make the show available to those interested in watching it outside the New Jersey/New York area.


  1. This makes me so very, very sad. I wonder what kind of world we'd have if greed weren't the driving force?

  2. On a semi-related matter, does anyone know if NJN will be offering Frank's documentary about GL for sale? Or if Frank will?

  3. Patrick, based on his tweets it sounds like he has something in mind to make it available. I don't think I read the "fine print" before I watched. Seeing the show back in 2006 really drove home how much it had changed production wise. I didn't get a good sense of how the show would be though as a pilot for a series. What made it work was Frank knew everyone well that he was running into. If he went to to the set of LAW & ORDER who knows what it might be like.

  4. I understand Frank's concern about the fact that the material is copyrighted. Just the other day, my employers wanted me to put a copyrighted video interview on our YouTube channel but I refused to do so because of the legalities. I think Frank is going a little overboard with the claim that someone is looking to take advantage of the situation. Rather, most likely, someone probably liked what they saw and wanted to share it with others. And that's what they did, not knowing the legalities of copyright infringement.

  5. Give me a break! I wonder how many people recorded the show when NJN aired it? Maybe if he put it up on youtube himself, someone might of been interested in piking it up.