Saturday, February 13, 2010

NEWS: Byrne, JKJ, Hennesy, Morrow, Woodyatt, Reid

New York Magazine's report from the Nicole Miller Fashion Week show
"Stuck way back in standing room was former As the World Turns star Martha Byrne. Apparently she was there in her capacity as the show-runner of a web soap, GOTHAM: The Series, which was shooting at Nicole Miller that day. But come on: She was on the locally shot ATWT for twenty years! Give the woman a seat. Although per Byrne's Twitter feed, Miller did let her keep her shoes. We might take shoes over a seat, too."

GREY'S hits new ratings low
ABC was second on Thursday night where GREY'S ANATOMY saw its lowest adults 18-49 ratings ever for an original episode.

We Love Soaps, Newcomb on 50 Greatest Soap Actress countdown!
"As for the Top 5, I love them all. Susan Flannery has been wowing daytime audiences since 1966. Kim Zimmer gave my favorite performance of all time – the “Slut of Springfield” scene. Erika Slezak has made the same role interesting for 39 years which is not easy. I started my personal list with the great Beverlee McKinsey. And Robin Strasser is the most dedicated actress I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame that many of their classic performances, espcially Strasser and McKinsey on ANOTHER WORLD and Flannery on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, seem to be lost forever."

DAYS executive producer Ken Corday on Plans For Reid
"We'll most likely have an internal memorial service for her sometime in the next month," he says. "The way we're going to deal with her death on screen is we're not going to one day walk downstairs, as it was with Mickey, and say, ‘Oh, Grandma's dead' and then have a day or two where everyone comes to the show and we have a funeral and you cut to Marie for one line and Doug and Julie for one line and it really becomes 'lip service' to such a great character.

"So, what we've decided to do is we will play her as being ill and the end is coming and one by one, characters who loved her dearly or are related to her, from the past, will come to the show and 'visit' with her. You can start to imagine the list. I don't know what we're going to do with Bill Horton, because the last person who played him was not Ed Mallory, it was Chris Stone, who is gone, too, so that will be a little tricky. We're working that out. And unfortunately, because we're so far ahead into writing the show, it won't air really until the end of May sweeps. But I believe it's far better to do it that way then to just have a day or two of she's gone, here's the funeral and on we go. It's too important and there are too many individual relationships that needed to be remembered and have flashbacks as opposed to a flashback show. I think it's an honest and sensitive way to deal with something like this. It will give the audience time to prepare, even though many of our fans know this has happened. We will put a bumper up at the end of the show on February 18 or 19 with a picture and her dates, but it's impossible to stop the machine now, write a show or two in the next week and bring everyone in. It was just not the right thing to do."

Jay Kenneth Johnsonto appear at Second Annual Lighthouse Gala
Springfield native Jay Kenneth Johnson, better known as the dark and mysterious Philip Kiriakis on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, will appear this spring as the guest of honor for the Lighthouse Children's Theatre's Second Annual Lighthouse Gala, to be held on Saturday, April 24, in El Dorado Springs.

On-Air On-Soaps Podcast Episode #1
Hosted by Michael Fairman and his co-hosts, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Carolyn Hennesy and SOAPnet star, Dillon Casey of MVP and BEING ERICA fame. The threesome welcome this week’s special guests, ALL MY CHILDREN's Jacob Young, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Joshua Morrow, and Deep Soap's, Sara Bibel for some entertaining and revealing interviews.

Stephen Martines joins VAMPIRE DIARIES
He will play a bad-ass vampire named Frederick who is locked in the tomb where Katherine (Nina Dobrev) was once thought to be and is up to no good when released.

VIDEO: EASTENDERS star Adam Woodyatt in Haiti appeal
EASTENDERS star Adam Woodyatt has organized a star-studded charity fun day in Coventry to raise money for the Haiti earthquake victims.

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