Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NEWS: Archer, Hogestyn, Zucker, Giddish, Seyfried, Hulu

Free video site Hulu explores premium pricing
"I'm betting the Hulu people are chomping at the bit to get this resolved and start testing a pay model, but they can't do anything until the NBC/Comcast deal closes," says Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey.

Amanda Seyfried was written off ATWT because she was "bad"
Says Seyfried, who played Lucy on the soap, "I'll be honest, I was pretty bad starting out. When I was 15, I was on AS THE WORLD TURNS, and I was so bad they had to ship my character off. It was absolutely, without a doubt, because I was that bad. I was so uncomfortable. I had it in me, but if you aren't comfortable, you can't access your skill."

INTERVIEW: OLTL's Melissa Archer (Natalie)
"For each love interest and new found thing in Natalie’s life, she took from what she had with the old and you have a growth, and you bring that into the new relationship. You are going through the process all over again. Then with that person dying, it’s a whole new tragedy in itself. Then of course, how do you deal? That is the next question."

Did Kelli Giddish used to be an Alaskan boy?
PAST LIFE star Kelli Giddish was asked if she believes in past lives.

“Well, I don’t not believe in it,” Giddish said. “Actually, when I was researching for this role, I had a past-life regression done in New York, which was great,” Giddish said. “It was like having a stenographer for your dreams. And I found out I was a fruit-picker in the old South. And then I was an Alaskan boy. So whether I really believe, I don’t know. But it sure did change my day when I came out of her office. I got to thinking, ‘Perhaps.’ ”

Will Comcast fire NBC's Jeff Zucker?
The word on the street, according to Nikke Finke, is that Comcast will fire NBC NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker "within minutes" of Federal approval of the Comcast takeover of NBC.

Drake Hogestyn will "never say never" to DAYS return
"The Yankees fired me," Hogestyn told Soap Opera Digest, "and I still root for the Yankees!" Would he consider a return to the show, even on a guest-star basis? "Never say never," he says. "DAYS gave me a great 23 years."

INTERVIEW: Former DAYS actor Drake Hogestyn (ex-John)
"When NBC cancelled a show [PASSIONS] that they owned outright, we all immediately knew that DAYS was on the chopping block next because NBC doesn’t own our show. Looking at my character, even one as popular as John Black, the cost/benefit wasn’t worth it, obviously. And I can see why they made the decision to fire Dee and me despite the fact that I offered to go back to my 1986 salary."

Dan Horrigan: Love in the Afternoon
"Soaps embrace our most basic and classic dramatic interests. Switched at birth, evil twins, star crossed lovers... these are not just the stories of DAYS OF OUR LIVES and GENERAL HOSPITAL. These are the stories or Ovid, Aeschylus and Sophocles. At 2:00 in the afternoon the Greek Gods are transformed into wealthy American families with perfect bodies and too much time on their hands."

Woods staying in Llanview
Robert S. Woods (Bo) has inked a new, four-year deal to stick around Llanview.

INTERVIEW: GH's Scott Reeves (Steven)
"He comes in, lays low and takes notes, assessing the entire operation. He sees the dynamics [of] how the doctors interact with each other and the patients. He doesn't want to come in and play hardball. He definitely takes into account that this place has been around for quite a while. His grandfather established quite a bit of it. But he will stand up, if need be. He will step in."

Dana Delaney and Julie Benz to share a kiss – and maybe more – on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES
Dana Delaney’s character of Katherine Mayfar has had some rotten luck with men including Mike Delfino who ditched her to get back together with his true love, Susan. Enter Susan’s new stripper friend Robin played by the terrific Julie Benz who was recently killed off of Dexter.

Says Benz of her role: “Everyone assumed I was going to come in and break up someone’s marriage, but there’s a while different twist.” Robin and Katherine will share an impromptu kiss that develops into something real.

Betty White sends Rue McClanahan a hurry up and die card
Former GOLDEN GIRLS actress Rue McClanahan (ex-Caroline, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Marget, WHERE THE HEART IS) had a stroke in January. Dan Matthews, who she knows through her work with PETA, visited her. Betty White had sent her a card which tickled Rue. It read something to the effect of "Dear Rue, I hope you will hurry up and die so that I can be the last Golden Girl left. NOT KIDDING!"

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