Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nelson Aspen's Where Are They Now Tour: Marcia McCabe

International entertainment reporter Nelson Aspen, author of "Hollywood Insider Exposed!", continues his Where Are They Now Tour for We Love Soaps with a sit down with former Search for Tomorrow star Marcia McCabe. McCabe played Sunny Adamson from 1978-1986 on SFT and later had roles on One Life to Live, Another World and As the World Turns.

In this fascinating and fun interview, McCabe discusses her long soap career, family, the end of As the World Turns and much more.


  1. What a nice interview, Nelson. I only watched SFT in the 70's as a kid... by the 80's I had mostly switched to ABC. But I remember Sunny well and also Marcia's stint as Alicia Grande! As a little boy, I saw a commercial of Morgan Fairchild going through a glass door or window and that's how I started watching SFT in the 70's! As I was watching this, I thought about Mary Stuart and Larry Haines and thought of what a wonderful treat it would have been to have you interviewing them if they were still here. BTW, were you or Roger fans of The Edge of Night? Would love to see an interview with Ann Flood and Forrest Compton (I think he lives on Long Island now).

  2. I kind of missed the boat on EDGE OF grandmother usually started preparing dinner when that one came on! I remember sticking around for DARK SHADOWS after GUIDING LIGHT tho!! LOL! I worked with Ann FLood and Maeve McGuire in the final days of SFT tho. Nice ladies...very elegant.

    I had dinner with Mary's widower last week and it was wonderful to reminisce! And of course, I still see Marcia all the time!

    Thanks for the kind feedback on the interview...

  3. SEARCH FOR TOMORROW is the soap I have the first memories of. And Sunny was a character I adored. Marcia had a great run and wish SFT had been able to continue.

  4. For years I had resisted watching SFT because my grandmother would rave about it and when you're a certain age, you don't want to like what your grandmother likes!

    One day I was flipping channels and saw this beautiful blonde who instantly caught my eye. Not Morgan Fairchild because that was years earlier and I didn't care for her look back then. This was Marcia McCabe. She looked "real" and like someone I could be friends with. I was intrigued and began watching regularly through to the end. So thank you Marcia for doing what my grandmother couldn't do...turn me into a fan!

    And thank you Nelson for such a wonderful interview. It also confirmed what I knew from the first time I saw her 32 years ago, she is a very classy and nice lady. I envy your friendship.

  5. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! I loved Sunny from the first day she appeared on Search and kept on watching till the end in 86. Thank you so much for this great interview.
    I would love to see more Search stars reminiscing. Perhaps Marie Cheatham, John Aniston, Lisa Peluso, Michael Corbett, Rod Arrants, the McCleary brothers, ...
    Thank you so much Nelson.

  6. I loved Search for Tomorrow and still miss it - and lament the great lack of Search footage on youtube daily!! This was a wonderful interview, it was great to see it. Perhaps you could work on getting Marcia's former co-star David Forsyth to sit down for a chat - I seem to recall he hit quite a few soaps, not just Search (although his character on Search was wonderful). Thanks for a little trip down memory lane :o)

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  8. It's so sad that were loosing these historic soaps and no one cares. I hope that ATWT gets picked up but I have very little hope