Friday, February 5, 2010

FLASHBACK: Robin Strasser Returns to AW 1972

Robin Srasser Returns to ANOTHER WORLD

Daily News
February 17, 1972

Robin Strasser, who created the role of Rachel Clark in the daytime series, ANOTHER WORLD, on NBC and played it for over four years, quit the show more than three months ago. Her husband, Lawrence Luckinbill, is doing well in films and TV commercials and Miss Strasser just didn't want to work for a while.

Her departure resulted in the usual outpouring of anguished mail from the viewers that follows recasting of a favorite character. Actors and actresses constantly come and go in the daytime serials and it is only when a long-time favorite is replaced that a loud, collective scream is heard from the ladies at home.

Now Robin Strasser has returned to ANOTHER WORLD in the same part. What makes al the outcry so unusual is that Rachel Clark is almost a villain.

"The role was too important to write out," said Paul Rauch, producer of the series. "We had some heavy stuff coming up involving Rachel and we figured Robin was about the only one who could handle it. So we persuaded her."

Miss Strasser said the offer to go back was just too good to turn down - proving that villainy occasionally pays off handsomely.

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