Kim Zimmer came in at #2 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Zimmer's work on THE DOCTORS, GUIDING LIGHT, SANTA BARBARA, MODELS INC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

1981: Nola attends at party at Mona's house. (THE DOCTORS)
1983: Giles wants Echo to go see Clint. (ONE LIFE TO LIVE)

1984: Reva baptizes herself the "Slut of Springfield." (GUIDING LIGHT)
1985: Reva and Phillip sing "Proud Mary." (GUIDING LIGHT)

1989: Reva admires her looks while trying on the slip that goes under her wedding dress. (GUIDING LIGHT)
1989: Reva wants to go fishing. (GUIDING LIGHT)

1989: Reva and Josh find their weddign spot. (GUIDING LIGHT)
1989: A musical montage before Reva and Josh exchange vows. (GUIDING LIGHT)

1990: Reva, suffering from postpartum depression, drives off a bridge in Florida. (GUIDING LIGHT)
1992: A look back at Reva during the GL 40th anniversary on TV celebration. (GUIDING LIGHT)

1992: Jodie comforts BJ. (SANTA BARBARA)
1993: Reese tells Jodie he still wants her. (SANTA BARBARA)

1994: Joan meets Eric, a stud with attitude. (MODELS INC)
1995: Reva begins to remember who she is. (GUIDING LIGHT)

1997: Reva and Josh play strip poker. (GUIDING LIGHT)
1998: Reva confronts her clone. (GUIDING LIGHT)

1999: Reva locks Olivia in a closet. (GUIDING LIGHT)
2001: Reva is swallowed up by an earthquake. (GUIDING LIGHT)

2001: Reva travels through time. (GUIDING LIGHT)
2006: Reva and Jonathan get into a bar fight. (GUIDING LIGHT)

2006: Jonathan jumps in a fountain to get Reva's attention. (GUIDING LIGHT)
2009: Reva and Josh reunite at the lighthouse. (GUIDING LIGHT)


  1. Here's an amazing clip of Reva being cursed out with the utmost venom by India von Halkein. India is merciless with her! Mary Kay Adams is sublime.

  2. Love it!

    We posted this clip under Mary Kay's classic clips: