Friday, January 8, 2010

Sharon Gabet: "From the Raven to the Dove"

"From the Raven to the Dove" is the first book we'll be featuring as we continue to countdown the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses.

Sharon Gabet (credited as Sharon Rose Gabet here) wrote this poignant autobiographical book about her life. She is one of many actresses in the Top 50 who have written books or have books in the works.

The Amazon product description says: "Personal stories include her Indiana background, life as a soap star in New York, and the birth of her autistic child that changed her life. Big families, making it in New York, motherhood, psychotherapy, angels, fairies, autism, past lives and future potentials are the backdrop through which her wisdom emerges. An inspirational and fascinating read."

The book was released in 2002 by White Rose Communications and is 336 pages long.

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