Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEWS: Villaraigosa, Mary Beth Evans, SAG/AFTRA, Garth

Mayor Villaraigosa films an appearance on ALL MY CHILDREN
In an episode scheduled to air Feb. 17, Villaraigosa plays himself. While at a conference in Pine Valley -- which he's attending in an attempt to lure business to Los Angeles -- he comes across Erica Kane (played by Susan Lucci) at a local lounge called Confusion.

"It's all in a day's work," Villaraigosa said after wrapping the scene. "This is the entertainment capital of the world. It's my job to promote an industry so integral to our economy. At a time when we've lost so many jobs, every series we can bring to the city is a good thing."

Mary Beth Evans to star in "Barbara's Wedding"
Studio C Productions in association with Michelle Appezzato is proud to present Barbra's Wedding, a comedy by Daniel Stern, for four weeks only as a guest production at the Blank Theatre Company's 2nd Stage Theatre. Barbra's Wedding will open on Thursday, February 11 and run through March 6 only. The cast includes Mary Beth Evans and Wilson Green.

SAG, AFTRA ready to make up
It's been almost two years since the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists broke off its 27-year bargaining pact with the Screen Actors Guild, with whom it waged turf battles, including a tiff over the CBS soap THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. But Sunday, a key committee of AFTRA is expected to recommend to its national board that the union resume joint bargaining with SAG for prime-time TV contracts, people familiar with the situation said. Combining forces would strengthen the unions' bargaining clout against the studios, guild officials believe.

Hawaii to be showcased in episode of S. Korean soap opera
The creators of a South Korean soap opera series promise that O'ahu's scenery and sense of 'ohana will get star billing in an episode to be filmed there next month. The weeklong shoot of THE DIVINE HERO, a production of Munhwa Broadcasting Corp., set to start Feb. 16, will mark the first time a K-drama has been filmed in Hawai'i.

90210'S Jennie Garth stars in new Web series
GARDEN PARTY sees Jennie Garth meet with farmers, chefs, moms and kids to explore various avenues to make vegetables a daily staple.

Syfy's CAPRICA Is Not A Show About Lovable People
One thing CAPRICA will have in common with its parent show, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Gnarly, uncompromising characters who'll make choices you won't like. We talked to star Paula Malcomson and producer David Eick about the bad mother who birthed the Cylons.

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