Sunday, January 24, 2010

NEWS: James Mitchell, James Franco, Jean Simmons

More on James Mitchell's death
Mitchell died Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated by pneumonia, his longtime partner, Albert Wolsky, said Sunday.

"He really enjoyed it," Wolsky said of ALL MY CHILDREN. "The meaner he could be, the happier he was; actors love to play the villain."

INTERVIEW: James Franco
"I think in some ways, using my persona in some of these projects — even though it’s not really me, they just use my name in some of these shows and it’s supposed to be me, even if it’s really not — by doing that, it allows me to access different places in a certain way. You know what I mean? It creates a different dimension. Like, for GENERAL HOSPITAL, because they call my character Franco — and that was their idea, by the way — it’s not just another actor coming in and creating a character. It’s referencing itself and it’s drawing attention to that fact. I did 30 Rock, where I played 'James Franco.'"

Jean Simmons Dies at Age 80
British actress Jean Merilyn Simmons lost her battle with lung cancer on Friday, Jan. 22, after previously overcoming alcoholism, depression, and breast cancer. She played Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in the 1991 primetime version of DARK SHADOWS.

Preeya Kalidas Quits EASTENDERS
The 28-year-old actress, who plays Amira Masood, plans to launch a pop career when she says goodbye to Walford in the summer. The character has been involved in one of the show's most controversial storylines recently marrying on-screen fiancé Syed (Marc Elliott) - who has been having a gay fling with Christian Clarke (Johnny Partridge) - in a traditional Muslim ceremony.

Sam Page visiting Wisteria Lane
Page is joining DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES for a multi-episode arc as Jeremy, a well-trained cook who idolizes Bree (Marcia Cross) and her old-fashioned values. He'll also guest star in the upcoming season of GREEK as a spoiler between Casey and Cappie.

VARIETY: Daytime takes a downturn
Cynthia Littleton explains: "The fortunes of the 9 a.m.-3 p.m. traditional daytime TV frame have been hammered during the past decade by everything from a generational shift to the post-boomer era to the audience fragmentation spurred by the rise of so many niche cable outlets. From food to gardening to environmentalism to extreme sports, there are themed channels to serve every interest and aspiration."


  1. I got the impression that the reason James Franco's GH character was called "Franco" was that so newcomers tuning in to specifically see him would hear and recognize the name and either stick around or at least be aware of the character/actor's doings when he wasn't on-screen (which, to be honest, was most of the time). "If they're talking about Franco, they must mean James." That sort of thing. Basically, it felt to me like a marketing strategy more than anything else.

  2. So glad Sam Page is getting so much work. They totally wasted him on AMC.

    I miss Trey. And Reggie, for that matter.