Monday, January 18, 2010

GOTHAM: Episode #5 Is Here - Shriner, Stuart & More

Episode #5 of GOTHAM is now online and it's great news for indie soap fans. This is the first of a new batch of episodes shot two months after the original four. This is also the debut of Kin Shriner, Brianne Moncrief, Anna Stuart, Kurt McKinney and (in person) Paolo Seganti. What's exciting about this is not just the new characters and story, but the fact that the issues receiving the most feedback on the show seem to have been addressed.

1. Not long enough: This is the longest episode yet.
2. We don't see Gotham: New York City is show in all its glory.
3. Not enough is happening: We become more familiar with the lives of Catherine and Richard and their families.

The first four episodes now feel like an introduction to Richard and Catherine and, with the new episode, the story now really kicks in. We are following the lives of Richard and Catherine and I am very intrigued. Byrne's chemistry with Kin Shriner's Jon, Catherine's ex-husband, was strong. The shot of Richard arriving home, the flash of Dominic, Richard's relationship with Brianne Moncrief's Samantha, and the arrival of Richard's mother, played by the delightful Anna Stuart, all added new layers to their lives. And something is obviously up with Kurt McKinney's Liam as well.

Also, kudos to Martha Byrne for the wonderful opening song, "Love Makes the World Go 'Round," that she sung beautifully over the brilliant editing of new editor Shannon Brame-Collier.

Watch the new episode below and weigh in with your thoughts.

- INTERVIEW: Catching Up With Kin Shriner


  1. Wow, there was so much improvement. The sound, editing and production overall is much, much better. KS a is great addition to the cast. I'm actually looking forward to the next ep. Kudos to Martha Byrne, Lisa Brown and crew.

  2. Yep, definite improvement!


  3. It's really obvious that Ms Byrne and Mr Brown are listening to viewer feedback. I think Gotham has so much promise, and episode 5 just backs that up. Everything from the camera work to the editing to the length and rhythm of the episode is beautiful this time around. They gave us a lot, but left us wanting more. That's the way to do it!

  4. Best episode so far!

  5. Episode #5 was great! We need longer episodes! The casting is amazing, what incredile actors. I can't wait until the next episode. Keep up the good work!

  6. That was great. Good story telling. The editing/switching back & forth on the two stories was really good. Length was good for this episode.

    The dynamic between Martha & Kin was fun to watch

  7. I saw the first two episodes, but skipped 3 and 4. But this one caught my attention because of KS. I will try and watch the next one now.

    Thoughts -
    1.) Glad they showed NYC, but MB's apartment does not look like any apartment I have ever seen in NYC. NYC does not do wood panels! The loft was better.
    2.) Theme music - they need to find one song and stick with it. In soaps, it seems the theme has to be iconic and a way for viewers to differentiate the soaps
    3.) Acting - generally good, but boy does Brianna Moncrief suck! So wooden and not sexy. They need to recast that role with someone who could be sexy, smooth and a challenge to MB. MB is going to steamroll BM.

    Okay, my two cents. Yay, KS!

  8. Much improvement for sure.

    As for MB's apartment, it definitely looks like a NYC apartment. I live in NYC and I have wood cabinets in my kitchen because my cheap landlord put them in because they're cheap. But what New Yorker ever leaves the front door of their apartment open? That never happens. You lock all 4 locks and put on the chain and check it religiously.

    Richards loft was fabulous though. I wonder who's apartment that really is lol. I want to go to there.